Saturday, May 30, 2009

Iran's minorities may bring about regime change

Can Iran's Minorities Help Oust Ahmadinejad?
[...] The rights and concerns of Iran's ethnic minorities are enjoying a prominence in this year's race far greater than during any previous election in the Islamic Republic. Both Moussavi and the other reformist candidate, Mehdi Karroubi, have traveled far and wide in Iran to court Lors, Kurds, Arabs, Turkomans, Azeris, Baluchis and other non-Persian minorities who together make up almost half of the population. Under Ahmadinejad's government, there has been greater repression of political and media activity among the minorities, a fact the state justifies by citing U.S. government efforts to undermine the Islamic Republic by funding opposition activities among minorities in the border regions. Despite the country's patchwork of intertwined ethnicities, religions and languages, Iranians from all backgrounds harbor a strong sense of national identity. Still, the central government has historically been wary of the minorities who mostly inhabit Iran's peripheral provinces. [...]

The Azeris in particular have held influential positions high up in government. Mousavi himself had been prime minister in the 1980's, when Iran was at war with Iraq and his is credited with helping overcome crippling shortages. Amadinejad has mismanaged the economy, causing intolerable price increases. Mousavi has a proven track record of doing a better job, even under trying circumstances. I'm hoping he trounces Amadinejad, but how fair the election will be remains to be seen.

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Winston said...

The ouster of Ahmadinjihad in a rigged election won't change anything at all. The whole Iranian mullahocracy should go away.

Chas said...

Yes, I believe Iranian elections are rigged. Nobody gets elected unless the ruling Mullah's want them to.

Would ousting Amadinejad in such an election make no difference at all? I wouldn't be so sure. The Reformist parties are Leftists, and want to spend money on domestic issues. That may leave less money for supporting the export of terrorism.

Not all the mullahs want an apocalypse, nor to they approve of the cult-like Muslim sect Amadinejad belongs to.

I don't like the Iranian Mullahocracy either, but there it is. What are we supposed to do, nuke everyone we disagree with? Invade? The USA is stretched, and no one else is inclined to.

The election of Mousavi may be the lesser of two evils. Time will tell.