Saturday, May 09, 2009

Farm Report: Egg Layer's Union makes trouble

Loafing union members, during a "work slow-down"

Last month I started the Monthly Egg Count for the Farm Report. But since then, we've had some "broody" unionists causing a work slow down at the Robin's Wood Egg Factory. Here is this months figures:

In April, we had 100 bantam eggs, and 85 pullet eggs, for a total of 185 eggs. That is 54 eggs LESS than last month. What could be the cause? I suspect it's the Egg Layers Union of Broody Hens.

When the hens get broody and start sitting on the eggs, they stop laying. We hatched out some chicks last month, so that would account for some of the drop. Also, I'm aware of at least one illegal renegade nest, in the wheel barrel behind the shed. I will have to do a raid on that today.

Of course the mommies expect maternity leave, with all expenses paid. And they get get it. Sometimes you just have to compromise with these unionists.

Fortunately we still have enough eggs for our own use, so we can't complain.

Total for the year so far: 573 eggs.

Last month, I posted a photo of our Dinosaur Food Plant, which looked like this:

Here it is this month:

It's getting to be Dinosaur-size pretty quickly.

End of Farm Report!

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