Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is the "Jupiter Jack" any good? I doubt it.

Pat thought we should get one, maybe two. But I looked it up on The customer reviews of it are not impressive. It sounds like junk: Customer Reviews of Jupiter Jack

Many of the customers go into detail about the problems. Not good.

There have been complaints too, about extra shipping charges when ordering directly from the company:

How to Not Get Scammed by Jupiter Jack

At this point I'm not tempted to try it. I think it's perhaps a good idea that needs more development, and maybe a stronger transmitter. In fact one of the Amazon reviewers said that the company is also pitching a "stronger" model than the one on sale. They also said that the $20 two-for-one offer ends up costing $54.00 because there is separate shipping charges for each item, including the dashboard holders (which you only find out about AFTER they have your credit card number). It does not sound good: Buyer Beware.


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