Sunday, December 06, 2009

What Climategate story? On to Copenhagen!

Climategate gets a pass by the media, in favor of the Copenhagen Summit. Neal Boortz spells it out:

Have you been keeping up with this Climategate story? If you limit your information gathering to The New York Times, you may have missed it.

Let's start at the beginning.

Where did this global warming nonsense come from in the first place? See how this fits:

The international community, working through the basically anti-American United Nations, starts dreaming of world-wide wealth redistribution. Well ... actually wealth isn't distributed, at least not here in the United States. Here, for the most part, it is earned. Even the poor, poor pitiful poor in this country earn whatever wealth they have. They don't exactly do it by punching a clock. Why go through all that trouble when all you have to do is punch a ballot.

OK ... so you have all these half-assed third world countries with their dictators of various stripes eyeing the wealth of the developed, industrial nations. They want some of that wealth, though they aren't willing to earn it. Why would some dictator tolerate a productive economy that might threaten his continued rule? Freedom - the necessary ingredient for a productive economy - has a way of causing domestic intranquility for dictators. So working through free markets isn't going to cut it. They will simply have to arrange whatever wealth they cannot seize handed to them. The best conduit for this wealth would be the UN.

OK ... so you're going to use the United Nations to transfer wealth from the big, fat wealthy nations to the corruption-plagued third world. But you're going to need a pretext? Hmmmmm. You need to come up with some way these nations are hurting you; some action these ugly rich nations are taking that is causing you harm. You're not under military attack. Your property isn't being conquered and seized ... at least not by the U.S. and Western Europe. But there is one thing! Now I don't have any idea how this idea was brought to fruition ... but it's brilliant!

When the cold war ended the world was littered with disaffected and discouraged communists and socialists. Their precious ideal of one world under Communism had melted away before their eyes. The Berlin Wall was aggregate and the Soviet Union was breaking apart. The precious hammer and sickle was being replaced by a Russian flag of red, white and blue stripes. These lost communists and anti-capitalists needed a new next. They were homeless. Where to turn?

The founder of the environmental group Greenpeace can tell you where these lost communists went. They headed straight for the environmental movement. Within weeks of the fall of the Soviet Union Greenpeace offices and rallies were suddenly crowded with unkempt people wearing Che Guavara t-shirts and Mao hats. This was the chosen new way to attack capitalism; not through the recitation of Communist doctrine, but through phony environmental concerns. Now capitalism was to be attacked not for its oppression of the working man, but for its affect on pour creeks, our lakes, and the air we breathe. The environmental movement became the home of anti-capitalists around the world.

What a perfect fit for third-world countries desirous of arranging for mighty transfers of wealth from the evil rich nations! They could work with the environmentalists to attack capitalism for all of the evil things that capitalists do to the fish and birds and stuff --- and for heating up our earth! These rich nations will need to pay! First we'll cook up some treaty that will slow down their economic growth ... then we'll find a way through the UN to make them pay for the damage they've already done. We can cripple their evil capitalist empire and get our hands on their wealth with a grand global warming scare campaign!

OK ... I need to cut this short. The United Nations and various environmental groups started pouring money into global warming research. Other nations, including the United States, joined in. After all, if you don't fund research into the affects of global warming, you really don't care what happens to our climate, do you? The scientists wanted to keep the money coming. To do that they knew they would have to bow to the dictates of political correctness ... and political correctness being a left-wing creation these scientists knew that they had better determine that man is going to cause this earth to become some sort of a convected oven if we don't slow down ... and the United Nations is just the crowed to do it.

So now we have discovered that one of the premiere research facilities involved in global warming research has been ... well, "faking it" is not too strong a phrase to use here.

Many of us already knew global warming to be a fraud. When scientists refuse to acknowledge the cyclical nature of solar activity in a discussion on global warming you have to scratch your head in wonder. Plus - when someone tells you that the science "is settled" and that there is "nothing left to debate;" you know that the science is anything but settled and there is plenty to debate.

The first news broke a bit over a week ago. Someone got into the computers at The University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit. This is one of the premiere global warming research institutes and has been constantly cited in stories warning us that we are cooking ourselves. Now there are thousands of emails from the East Anglia CRU detailing the "tricks" that were used to cook the data and the efforts made to ignore and to create a virtual exile for any scientists who dared to disagree with man-made global warming doctrine.

But .. here's the kicker. I alluded to it at the beginning of this bit. Now these scientists at the East Anglia CRM have admitted that they disposed of the raw data they used to conjure up their tales of man-made global warming. Just in case you're not a scientist .. throwing away your raw data is considered a big-time no no. There is, however, one really big reason why you might want to do this - toss the raw data into the garbage - and that would be if the data doesn't support your "learned" conclusion.

So now we will never be able to look at the original data these scientists gathered. Now we're truly at the point that were we have nothing left to do but take their word for it. Sorry .. .but when much of the undeveloped world is gunning for my bank account, I'm not sure I want to take these scientists word for anything.

Perhaps the more interesting story at this point is the failure of the ObamaMedia to pick up on the story. I guess the global warmers are going to have to find some other cause to disguise their wealth seizure and re-distribution schemes.

None of this seems to be slowing down The Community Organizer. He's heading to Copenhagen where the left and those after our wealth are going to try to cobble together a replacement for the hideous Kyoto Treaty.

Recently there has been an uptick in the number of stories on climate change. Here are a few of my favorites:

-Doctors in Great Britain are being told to educate their patients on the benefits of tackling climate change and lowering their carbon footprint.

-Experts say that lights on expressways should be turned off at night in order to protect the environment. It stops pollution and prevents the disruption of the life cycles of birds and bats and other wildlife.

-The president of Brazil says that the "gringos" should pay Amazon nations to prevent deforestation. By "gringos" he means Western nations .. aka. the United States.

It's a fraud, folks. How long are we going to tolerate these asinine ideas?

Obama, who originally said he would not attend the summit when people began to object, has of course changed his mind at the last minute, as I knew he would. So it will be onward with the Democrats agenda:

UN upbeat on Copenhagen global climate deal
[...] Ahead of Monday's talks, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) hit back at claims that human influence on global warming has been exaggerated.

It said it was standing by its findings in response to a row over the reliability of data from a UK university.

Hacked e-mail exchanges from East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit have prompted climate change sceptics to claim that data has been manipulated.

Top Swedish climate official Anders Turesson told the BBC that he hoped the issue "will be investigated".

However, Mr Turesson, who will also be leading EU negotiations as Sweden currently holds the rotating EU presidency, added: "But I cannot see it will in any way affect the negotiations here." [...]

That's right, we wouldn't want to confuse people with the facts, would we?

I'm thinking we need to upgrade our electrical grid at the RV Park with meters at each site, to charge for electricity. It seems certain that rates are going to go up after this. I think that those who voted for our current Democrat government can now start paying "their fair share", as the consequence of their choices.


ZZMike said...

With a little luck, the ladies of the evening will keep the attendees occupied, and they won't do any real damage.

In fact, the conference might just drag on a while.....

Wes Hammond said...

that Greenpeace ad campaign is extremely clever in my opinion; even those who are voicing their objections are providing more publicity for the project in effect