Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What next? The "Public Option", of course.

It was never really off the table, it was just removed to get the bill passed.

First ... hopefully most of the people who regularly read Nealz Nuze know this already ... This was never about health care. It was about dependency. Then the issue became saving Barack Obama's presidency. We now have the most expansive entitlement and wealth redistribution program in the history of our nation pushed into law by one political party to save a president's political skin. There's your change.

Today Barack Obama signs his healthcare legislation into law. Make no mistake, this is not a victory for America .. this is a victory for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, the moocher class and the politicians who pander to them. Barack Obama has solidified his place in history; Nancy Pelosi gets crowned as perhaps the most powerful woman in 100 years; and the moochers get even more free government services so that they will be at liberty to spend their hard-earned (yeah, right) dollars on cell phones and flat-screen televisions.

Didn't we tell you that Nancy Pelosi said that ObamaCare would only "kick open the door?" So what's next after the door is kicked open? Today we're told that House Democrats are introducing legislation to revive the public option. Rep. Lynn Woolsey of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will unveil legislation today to add the government-run option to the national healthcare exchange that is created by Obamacare.

Does it have legs? Not immediately. But will it happen? Absolutely. It will happen if these Statists are left in power in Washington. Day after day they will work steadily and without pause to increase the power of the Imperial Federal Government. The government option has always been their goal because the government option is the key to the destruction of the private health insurance market. The Democrats know that this is the inevitable result of their bill. As I explained yesterday, the result of Obamacare will cripple the private health insurance market and it will then be the government that swoops in to "save" our healthcare system.

Are you wondering why these socialist (progressive) Democrats originally did not support ObamaCare because it didn't include the public option; but they ended up voting for it anyway? This one is easy. First ... they're not going to vote against a bill that expands government. They know that they can take this legislation and build on it. Perhaps they've already negotiated the backroom deals they need for their government option. Don't put any contrivance past these Statist goons.

Many of the good-sounding stuff in this bill will kick in soon. The Democrats are going to sell it hard during the coming months leading up to the November elections. The long-term effects of the bill won't be felt till later, when it's deficiencies start to create crisis after crisis, which the Democrats will then exploit to expand their powers even further.

Forget a resurrection of the 1994 Contract With America. Forget the latest "Contract From America" version. The Republicans need only make one promise for the 2010 elections ... Repeal ObamaCare. The survival of our country as we have know it is Barack Obama said that he wanted to "fundamentally transform" the United States of America. Now we know that by "fundamentally transform" he meant that he wanted to plunge America so deep into debt that all private sector growth will come to a complete halt. Obama's "transformation" is one from a private sector economy to an economy that is centrally planned by government bureaucrats and politicians.

This is the Cloward-Piven strategy at work in an economic sense. Obama considers the private sector to be "the enemy." Those are his words. Read his books. What do you do to your enemy? You destroy it. ObamaCare will destroy our economy. The taxes, the wealth seizure and redistribution, the destruction of the private jobs market, the deficits and the debt future generations will never be able to repay. When Obama's anti-capitalist policies work their magic - when our economy seems beyond repair - Obama will be ready to move in with even more of the magic of government. His Pay Czar will be put in charge of all private-sector pay scales. The government will decide where the job growth will occur and where jobs will be abandoned. Every economic move you make will be dictated by government policy. Your pension plans and retirement savings will be confiscated to "shore-up" Social Security.

The Republican party has it's work cut out for it. Worrying about who is a RINO should be the least of their worries right now.


MAX Redline said...

As I noted here: http://maxredline.typepad.com/maxredline/2010/03/look-for-the-energy-star.html

Think about it: the EPA actually approved a gasoline powered alarm clock as an Energy Star appliance.

You're gonna love Government health care.

On Obama: He's done just about all he can do. He won't be around long enough to install a Pay Czar, and he doesn't have enough clout to carry much of anything. When members of his own party send him a letter outlining their support for Israel and warning him against the kind of behavior he's been displaying - that's the canary in the coal mine.

Chas said...

I hope you're right Max. But many of the people in the opinion polls who say they are unhappy with Obama, are unhappy because they feel he hasn't gone far left enough. They don't want Obama out, they want him to go further left.

We will see what happens in November. If we can't get a veto-proof majority, Obama will be able to veto any repeal attempt. Even three years of Obamacare can do a lot of damage.