Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do Solar Ovens Really Work?

Apparently they do, if you work within their limitations:

Global Sun Oven - Solar Cooker
Product Description

The Global Sun Oven® is the world's most widely used solar oven. Solar cooking has been around for centuries, but up to now, not many people have had the opportunity to try cooking with the sun. Using the most advanced materials, the Sun Oven takes all the hassles out of solar cooking to create the ultimate solar appliance.

The sun oven can be used in the winter as well as summer. It has been used very successfully at below zero conditions at a base camp on Mt. Everest. Measures 19" x 19" with an average depth of 11". The total weight is only 21 pounds. You can bake bread, make cookies, pizza, muffins, or anything you could prepare using a conventional oven.

The Global Sun Oven® lets you harness the power of the sun to cook without fuel and is currently being used in over 126 countries around the world. Sundance Solar is proud to carry this high quality solar appliance that is designed to last a lifetime.

It's worth reading the customer reviews, most of which are very favorable. Even the more critical reviews admit that it does work, albeit with some limitations. Apparently high humidity can affect the ovens ability to reach it's maximum temperature.

Also, the most critical review complains of a plastic taste that contaminates the food. Their is a discussion about it in the comments of that review. Some agree, some don't, so it's hard to say. Some say the oven needs to be "cured properly" first. Others say nothing helps. Others still, claim there is no problem. One person recommends always cooking the food in a covered dish. Buyer beware.

Hat tip to the "As A Mom..." website, where I first read about it. You might want to look around their website, it has lots of information about food storage and emergency preparedness in regards to meals.

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