Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Not a pro-Republican day, but anti-Democrat

You may be asking yourself, considering the current conservative momentum, who do the Democrats still have left? This won't surprise you at all, but Pew research polling shows that Democrats hold substantial leads only among blacks, younger voters, those with low family incomes, union households and the religiously unaffiliated. Although other polls show that low-income Americans have actually turning toward the Republicans along with undecided women who are now turning to the GOP for the first time since 1982. Could it possibly be that women are thinking about surrendering security for opportunity?

Some are asking [what] made it OK for Americans to seriously consider the GOP again? Not so fast. As I've said just a few times before ... these people going to the polls today aren't engaging in this exercise to vote for Republicans. They're voting against Democrats. This election is one of the biggest political repudiations of all time. It truly is a revolution .. a revolution against big government. And this revolution was not led by the Republican Party. It was led by loosely organized groups of Americans who finally tired of arrogant government and politicians, high taxes and the diminishment of the country they love. These are people who were repulsed by a president who said that America is no more special than "Greece, England or any other country." These people shouted back "The hell it isn't!" and went to work.

Do you know what the biggest fear will be for Republican politicians as they convene the 112th Congress? The very same Tea Partiers who are in the process of feeding the Democrat congress into the political shredder today. Bob Beckel said it well on Fox & Friends this morning. This is not a Republican Day. This is an anti-Democrat day. Republicans need to remember that.

It was the Tea Partiers that forced the GOP to focus on spending, the economy and jobs and has therefore put its vote-killing social agenda on hold. But remember that the elections today are not a mandate for the Republican agenda, they are a house cleaning for the current bums in Washington. If the GOP believes today's elections to be some sort of mandate of their social agenda, they will completely lose all gains that they have made and you will absolutely see the emergence of a new majority party in the United States. Unless the GOP wants to personally experience impotence, it would be wise to leave all bedroom talk behind.

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