Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Enabling Terrorism

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for the cartoon. You can read their related commentary and links HERE. An excerpt (from Caroline Glick):
...[E]very cent transferred in "direct aid" to the Palestinians is money that will prevent Hamas from failing. Every well-fed Palestinian welfare case will be a vindication for the Palestinian people's decision to vote Hamas into power. Every penny of Western and Israeli aid tells them that they may both escalate their war against Israel while officially joining the global jihad and eat well on the Israeli/ American/ European dole...

I've been saying this for ages. WE, the west, enable terrorist groups like Hamas by giving them money to live on, so they can then devote their time and resources to terrorism. The rest of the Islamic world can give them welfare if they want to. Why should we? If they had to WORK for a living, they might find they have less time for terrorism, and more incentive to co-operate with Israel and work to build a future where they can support themselves.

In Other News:

...This isn't the first time we've heard such talk from The Poodle. But the fact that he wants the United States to fully surrender to the Islamic terrorists in Iraq can mean only one thing: John Kerry has joined the insurgency in Iraq. OK, so he's only an affiliate member without full Terrorist Club privileges, but, after all, their goals are his goals...the anti-American rantings on Islamic websites sound just like Democratic Party talking points.

Democrats are desperate. They are absolutely and fully invested in our defeat in the War On Terror. They not only don't want the United States to win, but they're rooting for the other side. It's all they have this fall. Take away the war in Iraq at the polls in November, and the Democratic Party has nothing else save for their big-government agenda. What do they stand for? What is their vision for America? All we hear about over and over is that the troops should be pulled out of Iraq. And they act like our successes in Iraq never took place...

...But pay special attention to the media coverage of this incident, while it lasts. You will absolutely never hear the words "Islamic" or "terrorists." All the press will call them is "insurgents." But that's really not true. The killers of these men were Al-Qaeda terrorists...which we know are mostly foreign fighters. There just seems to be a great reluctance on the part of some of those who bring us the news to actually admit that Al Qaeda is active in Iraq! Remember ... the party line has long been that there was no connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda. Some don't want that party line blurred with facts.

I predict an early demise of the story about these two savaged Americans. This is the kind of news story that would make people good and mad about the Islamic terrorists we're fighting in Iraq. This is also the kind of story that might make people second-guess their opposition to the war in Iraq. After all, if this is how our boys are being treated, we absolutely need to stay and finish business. Leftists in the media want to run stories that encourage us to run ... not to stay and kick some jihadist ass. Let's see if there's anything in the news about these two men on Friday...


An excerpt (from Military vet Jeff Emanuel):
...Interestingly silent on this and other atrocities carried out by the insurgents in Iraq are the “human rights” groups who seem to spend every day accusing the United States of torture, war crimes, and various human rights violations. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has called the Iraq war “illegal,” and John Pace, former UN chief of Human Rights for Iraq, has said that human rights conditions are “as bad now as they were under Saddam,” but was it America that filled mass graves with hundreds of thousands of murdered Iraqi civilians? Last month, Human Rights Watch again accused the US of “brutalizing Muslim suspects in the name of the war on terror,” but how many times have Americans strapped bombs to their own chests and purposely detonated themselves in a large crowd of civilians? Amnesty International’s website highlights America’s use of “torture or other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” against terrorist captives, but how many prisoners—Muslim or otherwise—have Americans brutally beheaded?...

Bold emphasis mine. Hat tip to Nealz Nuze and Michelle Malkin for the links.

But there is more... lets not forget the GOOD news:

Hat tip to The Chatterbox Chronicles for the Cartoon. Be sure and vist Little Miss Chatterbox's good news post:

The Good News Just Keeps on Coming!!

It has some great links, and may add a lift to your day. It has to mine!


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