Saturday, June 03, 2006

The smear campaign begins

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for this cartoon, which is titled "Second Coat". You can read their related commentary and links (with recent updates) HERE.

I knew that when this war started, it was going to be difficult and messy, with all kinds of mistakes and terrible things occuring. That is what happens in war, no matter how much we try to limit it. I also knew the left would do everything they could to sandbag our efforts and make this a loss for our country.

Over the years, one of the things that really helped me question and move away from leftist thinking (and the Democratic Party), was observing how selective the left is with their indignation and condemnation. Rather than discuss it at length, I'll just sum it up with the observation that their beliefs run along the lines of this:

"Everything America does is evil, because it is a greedy capitalist country. Anyone who opposes it is therefore worthy of support. America isn't perfect, so it MUST be evil; governments who oppose America may also not be perfect, but their socialist/communist/totalitarian INTENTIONS are aimed towards perfection, therefore they must be supported against America".

These assumptions are so deeply ingrained that they are hardly even noticed conciously, much less questioned. Where did they learn to think like this? Our schools, all grades right through to college. Many people have bought into this kind of thinking without even realising they chose it. Perhaps it's not even fair to say "chose", as they often were not presented with any other views to consider.

I think it was Lenin who said that the best way to destroy a country is to first destroy it's sense of history and it's national identity. The best place to begin to do that is the schools.

When we owned a restaurant in San Francisco, we received a brochure from an organization in Berkeley, inviting us to participate in a "Multi-cultural Fair" that was supposed to celebrate the diversity of various cultures.

We served South African cuisine, and were listed in directories of African restaurants, which is probably why we recieved the invitation (too often we would get visted by leftists who assumed we were black Africans; when they saw that we weren't, they would become visibly upset, often even remarking on it distaste before leaving in a huff).

Anyhow, the Fair didn't sound so bad on the face of it, until you read further; it was stated that "maps, flags and symbols of nationalism are not permitted at the Fair". It went on to explain why, with some smarmy statement like "You see, the Muti-cultural Fair isn't just about learning, it's also about UN-learning".

Need I say that bit of patronizing twaddle went right into the trash where it belonged? I think that was my first big slap-in-the-face regarding what multi-culturalism was REALLY all about. Later on, I read Tammy Bruce's book, "The Death of Right and Wrong", where I had my worst fears about the agenda of the muti-culturalists confirmed. I highly recommend her book, she is a former leftist who was in the belly of the beast, and speaks from personal experience.

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UPDATE 06/06/06:

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Dionne said...

Pro-victory indeed!!! I'm so sickened at how the MSM is trashing our wonderful soldiers. They deserve so much better than this.

Chas said...

Last night, I saw on NBC news a report that Iraqi news wasn't reporting on Haditha every night there, and they even went around questioning people in the media there as to why they were putting it the main headlines every day like OUR media does.

With MSM like ours, who needs enemies?