Friday, June 16, 2006

Environmentalism as Religion

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for the cartoon. You can read their related commentary and links HERE.

There is a great deal of information that challenges the theory of global warming. The sun itself goes through cycles of burning hotter, which of course will cause warming on earth, regardless of what we do here; there have always been cycles of storms and Hurricanes, it's not new; the polar ice caps melted in the 1930s to a degree even greater than what they have done now, even though pollution was much less back then. The levels also rebounded, because it's part of an apparent cycle. The list goes on and on.

Pollution, for it's own sake, is something we all ought to be concerned about. We recycle. Clean air and clean water are good things, and most people wouldn't deny it. That's called honest environmentalism. But the left too often uses Environmentalism as a Cover for Collectivism. Al Gore, being a good Democrat, is doing precisely that, with religous ferver. Facts be damned.

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Hilarious. And all too believable.

A religion or a cult?
David Limbaugh looks at liberal positions in the media, and the irrational cult-like mentality with which they are defended. Some excerpts:

...Let's start out with the truism that Cindy Sheehan and the 9/11 widows are entitled to an abundance of sympathy because of their losses. Perhaps they should even be given some slack for saying offensive things in the height of their grief.

But what about when they deliberately and repeatedly inject themselves into the public vortex by issuing vitriolic, malicious slander against the president of the United States, such as calling President Bush a terrorist, or embracing foreign, America-hating dictators like Hugo Chavez? Do Americans have a right to call them on it? Can Sheehan or the "Jersey Girls" say anything, no matter how detrimental to America's image or national interest, without fear of contradiction?

Should we nod with feigned approval at the irresponsible statements of Congressman John Murtha or Senator John Kerry because they were in combat? Conversely, should those with no military background be foreclosed from the public debate on the war, as "chicken hawks"? Preposterously, liberals answer yes to both questions.

But the more important point is: Liberals don't really believe that the opinions of veterans or family members of war victims are entitled to deference or "absolute moral authority."

As usual, the liberals' outrage is highly selective. It is not the people or their circumstances that are sacrosanct, but their liberal positions.
Liberals accorded none of their precious war-hero deference to John O'Neill and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Indeed, they called them liars -- when they weren't -- and much worse. They have savaged combat-decorated Marine Ollie North. They have no use for retired generals supporting Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Not on their lives would they defend 9/11 widows or mothers of war victims in support of President Bush's war effort.

Nor is it harshness, offensiveness or insulting tones that bother them; otherwise, they'd have to denounce 90 percent of the Democratic Party's leadership for the vicious slander they've hurled at George W. Bush for six years or at Justice Clarence Thomas. They would excommunicate from their movement cartoonists for their racist depictions of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice...

(bold emphasis mine) It's the concepts of the leftists, like their selective outrage, like people they try to use as "human shields" who can't be questioned, and the dishonesty about their real agendas behind what they are doing, that caused me to abandon the Democratic party long ago. I used to be a Democrat, but they are now controlled by collectivist liars and worse. I despise them. One last excerpt:

...You dare not challenge liberal orthodoxy; otherwise, you are fair game for the very kind of mistreatment, abuse and intolerance they profess to decry in others...

Yep! Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. It's the pot calling the kettle black. The only real debate that happens nowadays seems to be in conservative circles. The left is too dominated by the Thought Police, who spend their time trying to silence dissent in their own ranks. Is it any wonder that there are so many Democrats who vote Republican? They don't feel welcomed in their own party.

David Limbaugh has more to say about what the leftist Dems are doing, and he hits the nail on the head, it's worth reading the whole article.


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