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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Anti-Christian Multiculturalists in the West

This photo is from a Muslim website. Does Multiculturalism encourage this kind of thing? It often sides with it, against Christianity. Why? Could it be that Multiculturalism is really just anti-Christian/Judaism masquerading as "tolerance"?

Fjordman at the Brussels Journal has a look at Multiculturalism and it's antagonism towards Western religion in his article:

Thou Shalt Hate Christianity and Judaism
As a non-religious person, but still one that acknowledges and respects the impact of Judeo-Christian thinking on Western culture, I havewarned against naïve Christian compassion related to Muslim immigration, as well as a disturbing tendency among too many Christian organizations to ally themselves with Muslims, for "religious values" and against Israel. But frankly, the most useful allies Muslims have in the West more often than not tend to be found among the non-religious crowd.

A number of executives and star presenters at the British Broadcasting Corporation admitted what critics already knew: The BBC is dominated by Left-leaning liberals who are anti-American and biased against Christianity, but sensitive to the feelings of Muslims. Former BBC business editor Jeff Randall said he complained to a very senior news executive about the BBC's pro-Multicultural stance, but was given the reply: "The BBC is not neutral in Multiculturalism: it believes in it and it promotes it."

The anti-Christian element seems to be a trait shared by Multiculturalists in all Western countries. [...]

The aticle goes on to give examples of this trait at work, and even how European Multicuturalists are in complete denial about the nature of Islamic attacks on Christians and Jews. An example, "multicutluralist" Mr. Hylland Eriksen, who attacks Christian concerns regarding events in Europe:

[...] In a newspaper essay co-authored by Eriksen, he states that: "Is he [Anfindsen] asking us to once again repeat the obvious in that the murder of Theo van Gogh, various acts of terrorism and death threats against newspaper editors have nothing to do with Islam?"

Nothing to do with Islam? Really?

Mohammed Bouyeri, born in Amsterdam of Moroccan parents, killed Theo van Gogh as he was cycling in Amsterdam on Nov. 2, 2004, shooting and stabbing before slashing his throat and pinning a note to his body with a knife. "I did what I did purely out my beliefs," he told judges while clutching a Koran. "I want you to know that I acted out of conviction and not that I took his life because he was Dutch or because I was Moroccan," but because he believed van Gogh insulted Islam in his film criticizing the treatment of Muslim women.

So a peaceful Christian is accused of having a dark, secret agenda, while a Muslim murderer who brags openly about his Islamic motivations has nothing to do with Islam? Needless to say, Mr. Hylland Eriksen is also rather anti-Israeli. Christians and Jews are bad, Muslims are "misunderstood." This confirms my thesis that Political Correctness is a hate ideology disguised as "tolerance." It is based upon hate against anything considered Western and a desire to eradicate this.

The First Commandment of Multiculturalism is: Thou shalt hate Christianity and Judaism. Multiculturalists also hate nation states, and they even hate the Enlightenment, by insisting that non-Western cultures should be above scrutiny.

It is sometimes claimed that Islam is a "European" or Western religion. Ironically, we can test this by using "cosmopolitan Multiculturalists" such as Mr. Hylland Eriksen. They hate everything that's seen as Western and they like Islam, precisely because it's anti-Western. [...]

Precisely indeed! When terrorists and murderers themselves proclaim their Islamic beliefs as their motive, and it's then refuted by multiculturalists, something is seriously wrong... with the multicuturalists.

Fjordman goes on to make a case for secular support for tolerant relgions, and sites authors Lee Harris and Theodore Dalrymple:

[...] Dalrymple also believes that "Discipline without freedom leads to misery, but freedom without discipline leads to chaos, shallowness, and misery of another kind," alluding to the total lack of freedom in Islam, but also to the seeming lack of direction in the West.

I agree with Harris and Dalrymple: As long as there is separation between religion and state, those of us who don't have any religious belief should prefer religions which tend to create reasonable and prosperous communities. Our traditional Judeo-Christian religions have proven this capability. Islam never has, and probably never will. As Australia's Cardinal George Pell says, "some seculars are so deeply anti-Christian, that anyone opposed to Christianity is seen as their ally. That could be one of the most spectacularly disastrous miscalculations in history." [...]

This also helps explain the strong alliance between Western leftists and Fundamentalist Muslims. Both hate Western religion and values, but for different reasons and motives.

I don't call myself a Christian, but I do recognise Christianity and Judaism as the cornerstones of Western civilization, and value the culture that has arisen from them. I like living in a Christian culture, and know it is worth defending. Multiculturalism believes and does exactly the opposite.

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At Sat Oct 28, 11:24:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moved to rural Oregon to live the life you've longed for? Sitting in your basement spewing crap onto the internet?

You scare me more than any of the people you write about, the people you want American's to be afraid of. You call yourself a Christian? What Bible did you read growing up? Because the one I read said love your neighbor. You must have read the one that said "be as selfish as you can, greed is the holiest of human attributes and create fear in your fellow humans."
You should be ashamed of yourself

At Sun Oct 29, 12:56:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I on the other hand agree with you. Leftists and jihadists are on the same side! And Craig, the previous poster, is leading us down a path of destruction because his mind is darkened to reality and relativistic thinking that tells him that Christianity is on par with jihadism.

At Sun Oct 29, 02:29:00 PM 2006, Blogger Chas said...

To the anonymous "Craig", who said:

Moved to rural Oregon to live the life you've longed for? Sitting in your basement spewing crap onto the internet?

I don't even have a basement. That is your imagination, which I suspect is something you indulge in too much.

You scare me more than any of the people you write about, the people you want American's to be afraid of.

Clearly, you are afraid... to the point where you can't think clearly. If you are less afraid of those who would actually kill you, than you are of those who simply disagree with you... I can only wonder how you have survived this long.

You call yourself a Christian? What Bible did you read growing up? [blah blah blah]

Clearly, I don't call myself a Christian, which I said in this post. If you had actually bothered to read it before commenting on it, you'd know that.

You should be ashamed of yourself

That's rich advice, comming from someone who apparently has no shame himself; commenting on and criticising something he couldn't be bothered to read.

Because of that, I almost didn't bother to respond to it. Yet, it's so typical of the comments I get; usually anonymous, often emotional, disrespectful and irrational. I consider it troll spam.

The people who post like that are what I call "emotional thinkers", which is to say, they don't really think at all. They "feel" more than anything else; and their "feelings" take the place of any deep thinking.

The problem with that is, believing in erroneous or incomplete information and indulging in sloppy thinking can make you "feel" all sorts of things, that unfortunately have nothing what so ever to do with reality.

I have no idea if "Craig" is a Democrat, but he sounds a lot like the majority of Democrats I've had to listen too for many years. To me, the Democratic Party has become the party of "emotional thinkers". They are unable to articulate their ideas rationally, and usually resort to name calling or other forms of emotional manipulation, to keep all discussion on an emotional level, where they don't have to be bothered by facts or reality.

I've only known a handful of Dems who could calmly and rationally discuss their positions. Those who could, didn't have to stoop to emotional manipulation and/or name calling. Even though I could not agree with most of their positions, we could usually agree to disagree. I think that is because they also understood that in a healthy democracy, it's important that we do disagree. If you are not allowed to disagree, then you aren't living in an enlightened culture.

But alas, such people do not seem to be the majority in the Democratic Party these days. I used to be a Democrat, and before I left that party, they kept insisting "It's VERY important that we ALL agree". If you had the bad form to disagree with them, they would accuse you of being a Republican.

All the intelligent debate these days seems to be happening within the Republican party. It isn't perfect, but it's the only place I'm hearing diverse discussion anymore. The political correctness of the Democrats, combined with their un-hinged emotionalism, is stiffling.

I didn't vote in the 2000 election, because I wasn't thrilled with either side. As a result, we nearly ended up with Al Gore.

To anyone who is a frustrated Republican or Conservative Independent, who is thinking of not voting in order to express your disaproval, I would ask you to reconsider. If the party of emotional thinkers gets in because you couldn't be bothered to vote, things will get far worse than they are now. The Dems will also fight to stay and grow their position, by whatever means possible, even by giving the vote to convicted felons (like Hillary wants) and even extending it to non-citizens (like many Dems want).

And if you are unhappy with that result, you will have no one but yourself to blame, for ALLOWING it to happen when you could have stopped it. Please, think about it.

To Gen:

Exactly! Except I'm not sure Craig finds Christianity on a par with Jihadism; I think he imagines it is even WORSE, when it doesn't fit his politically correct vision.

I found it ironic that Craig accuses ME of trying to make people afraid. I don't hyjack planes and fly them into sky scrapers, beat women for not wearing burkas, or kill them for the sake of family honor. I don't behead people, or force them to convert to Islam at gunpoint, or burn down embassies over cartoons. The people who do those things ARE trying to make people afraid. Afraid so that they will give up and submit. I notice that and comment on it, and that is supposed to make ME the villian! Unbelievable. With so many appeasers like "Craig" around, I suppose it's not hard to see why the Jihadists feel so emboldened.

At Sat Jun 09, 06:45:00 AM 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Craig lives in an area close to muslims and gets beaten stupid for accidently roaming in as happened to a 75 year old guy here in the UK, he may remove his head from up his arse and face reality.
Craig take a white feather mate you surely deserve one add to it a dhimmi award!
When your area is full of burkas and guys with beards in flowing white gowns that look in your direction with hate filled eyes and your town represents Mecca then make comments on jihadists.
Let Democrats in by God you will have plenty of regret timem as you wave your employment goodbye all in the name of being fair to minorities with no complaint otherwise your label will be racist.
Appeasement only put's off the day of reckoning.
You hear nothing of the anger here because that's how multiculture works dissent is not mentioned for fear of growing the ranks, believe me the ranks are swelling!
Importation of aids,tb,yellow fever, with our taxes paying their treatment in our NHS that we can't access due to being overstreched.
The joys of muliticulture are ones i'd rather never have experienced.


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