Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sharia Law in Minnesota?

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for the cartoon. You can read their related commentary and links about it HERE. Here is one of their excerpts, from the Star Tribune: Airport taxi flap about alcohol has deeper significance by Katherine Kersten. (via Little Green Footballs)

The taxi controversy at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has caught the nation's attention. But the dispute may go deeper than the quandary over whether to accommodate Somali Muslim cabdrivers who refuse to carry passengers carrying alcohol. Behind the scenes, a struggle for power and religious authority is apparently playing out. ...

When I asked Patrick Hogan, Metropolitan Airports Commission spokesman, for his explanation, he forwarded a fatwa, or religious edict, that the MAC had received. The fatwa proclaims that "Islamic jurisprudence" prohibits taxi drivers from carrying passengers with alcohol, "because it involves cooperating in sin according to the Islam."

The fatwa, dated June 6, 2006, was issued by the "fatwa department" of the Muslim American Society, Minnesota chapter, and signed by society officials.

The society is mediating the conflict between the cab drivers and the MAC. That seems odd, since the society itself clearly has a stake in the controversy's outcome.

How did the MAC connect with the society? "The Minnesota Department of Human Rights recommended them to us to help us figure out how to handle this problem," Hogan said. ...

What is the Muslim American Society? In September 2004 the Chicago Tribune published an investigative article. The society was incorporated in 1993, the paper reported, and is the name under which the U.S. branch of the Muslim Brotherhood operates.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna. The Tribune described the Brotherhood as "the world's most influential Islamic fundamentalist group."Because of its hard-line beliefs, the U.S. Brotherhood has been an increasingly divisive force within Islam in America, fueling the often bitter struggle between moderate and conservative Muslims," the paper reported.

The international Muslim Brotherhood "preaches that religion and politics cannot be separated and that governments eventually should be Islamic," according to the Tribune. U.S. members emphasize that they follow American laws, but want people here to convert to Islam so that one day a majority will support a society governed by Islamic law.

(bold emphasis mine) They can take their fatwa and shove it. Sideways. And whose brilliant idea was it to allow them mediate in a dispute where they clearly had a biased interest in the outcome? Has multiculturalism and political correctness cowed us to the point where we are afraid to even question such obvious manipulation?

I'm completely against ANY attempts to introduce Sharia law, in any form, here in the USA. It's completely incompatible with a free democratic society, and those who want it need to go back to the countries they came from. The Cox & Forkum site has more links on this topic.

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Sornie said...

Those taxi drivers are American resident and free to practice their religion and be members of whatever organization they choose to. However, they are clearly breaking the law set forth by refusing to carry passengers with alcohol in their possession. Someone providing a service has no business spouting off about thier moral objections, a lesson many pharmacists should learn with their moral objections to dispensing birth control.

Chas said...

Yes, I remember Christian pharmacists objecting to having to sell the "morning after" pill. They are not allowed to pick and chose which legal drugs they care to offer. So why should Muslim cab drivers be treated any differently? Alcohol is legal in this country, no matter what they may think about it. It's an apt comparison.