Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Enigma Known as France

I think the French have quite a reputation of being "difficult", and not just with us. I think they tend to be difficult with everyone, even each other. And trying to pin them down on an issue can be seemingly impossible at times.

I've been reading about events in France with great interest, because they have so many problems and difficulties, with many more looming ahead. It's tempting to predict disaster, yet I get the impression that it's rather impossible to predict just WHAT they might do next. The following is a selection of things I've been reading about France:

A great deal has been said about Europe turning into Eurabia, and France has often been said to be the center point of this transformation. It's often spoken of as some sort of terrible, accidental mistake that the French have simply somehow allowed to happen. But what if the concept of Eurabia is not accidental, but actually a very deliberate, intentional policy plan of the French? Fjordman at the Brussels Journal explores this idea in depth, and below is an excerpt from his article:

The Eurabia Code, Part I
[...] What follows is a brief outline of the thesis put forward by writer Bat Ye’or in her book “Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis.” My information is based on her book (which should be read in full). In addition I have drawn from some of her articles and interviews. I republish the information with her blessing, but this summary is completely my own.

In an interview with Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Bat Ye’or explained how French President Charles de Gaulle, disappointed by the loss of the French colonies in Africa and the Middle East as well as with France’s waning influence in the international arena, decided in the 1960’s to create a strategic alliance with the Arab and Muslim world to compete with the dominance of the United States and the Soviet Union.

“This is a matter of a total transformation of Europe, which is the result of an intentional policy,” said Bat Ye’or. “We are now heading towards a total change in Europe, which will be more and more Islamicized and will become a political satellite of the Arab and Muslim world. The European leaders have decided on an alliance with the Arab world, through which they have committed to accept the Arab and Muslim approach toward the United States and Israel. This is not only with respect to foreign policy, but also on issues engaging European society from within, such as immigration, the integration of the immigrants and the idea that Islam is part of Europe.”

“Europe is under a constant threat of terror. Terror is a way of applying pressure on the European countries to surrender constantly to the Arab representatives’ demands. They demand, for example, that Europe always speak out for the Palestinians and against Israel.”

Thus, the Eurabian project became an enlarged vision of the anti-American Gaullist policy dependent upon the formation of a Euro-Arab entity hostile to American influence. It facilitated European ambitions to maintain important spheres of influence in the former European colonies, while opening huge markets for European products in the Arab world, especially in oil-producing countries, in order to secure supplies of petroleum and natural gas to Europe. In addition, it would make the Mediterranean a Euro-Arab inland sea by favoring Muslim immigration and promoting Multiculturalism with a strong Islamic presence in Europe.

The use of the term “Eurabia” was first introduced in the mid-1970s
, as the title of a journal edited by the President of the Association for Franco-Arab Solidarity, Lucien Bitterlein, and published collaboratively by the Groupe d'Etudes sur le Moyen-Orient (Geneva), France-Pays Arabes (Paris), and the Middle East International (London). Their articles called for common Euro-Arab positions at every level. These concrete proposals were not the musings of isolated theorists; instead they put forth concrete policy decisions conceived in conjunction with, and actualized by, European state leaders and European Parliamentarians. [...]

(bold emphasis mine) Fjordman maintains that while the European press talks endlessly about 9-11 conspiracies that claim WE blew up the WTC ourselves, they have nothing to say about the conspiracy of Eurabia, which is easily documemnted and factual. France as the leader of this movement, has a facinating history with the Arab world, going back to Napoleon, some of which is examined here also.

This article is long and detailed, and the first installment of a series of articles. It goes a long way in explaining how Europe has gotten to where it is today, their complex relationship with the Middle East, and it's ensuing anti-Americanism, and the pivotal role of France in all of this.

Why Is France Soft on Iran?
The recent divergence in US and French policies with regard to Iran should come as little surprise, given French President Jacques Chirac’s policy that France’s “relations with the United States will never be submissive.” Yet The Independent has posited that France ’s change of mind may in fact be connected with the presence of French peacekeepers in Lebanon – that is to say within range of Iran’s military proxy, Hezbollah. There may be some truth to that assertion, but it is perhaps more instructive to look at France’s Iran policy over the last few decades, the better to round out the context.

In the 1980s, France sided with Iraq during its conflict with Iran, with severe consequences. Between February and September of 1986, seven separate bomb attacks were carried out within France, killing 10 and wounding 152, with each attack accompanied by demands to release five Iranian prisoners. Four years later, these prisoners were indeed pardoned by Fran├žois Mitterand, despite domestic opposition to the move. [...]

(bold emphasis mine) This is a short article, but it does explain a lot about France's uneasy relationship with Iran.

This photo is from a June 2003 article about an Iranian Cult/Terrorist group in France, whose members began setting themselves on fire in protest:

France investigates Iran exiles
[...] An examining magistrate ordered the members of the Iranian People's Mujahedeen (MKO) movement to be investigated for "conspiring with a terrorist organisation", judicial officials said.

They were among 17 detained Iranian opposition supporters - including MKO leader Maryam Rajavi - who appeared before anti-terrorist judges in Paris.

About 200 people from the MKO were arrested in a crackdown by French police over recent days. The 17 held in detention were being questioned over alleged plans to attack Iranian embassies across Europe.

Security around the court was heavy in case supporters of the group tried to set themselves alight - as happened several times last week. [...]

This photo of an Iranian woman who set herself on fire is just so horrible. When you think of "the streets of Paris", this is hardly the image that first comes to mind. I guess this is a reminder that France ain't what it used to be?

More common in France are the nightly "car-b-ques":

This photo is from last year's Ramadan Riots. The rioting stopped because the French and Belgium governments ordered the police to stop providing information on the rioting. I believe that policy may still be in effect; there have been attempts to start large scale rioting again this year, but without the media coverage, they fizzled out. Yet vandalism and attacks on Jews and the police continue. This year, the average so far for car burnings in France is 112 cars per day, and other violence continues:

[...] The figures are stark. An average of 112 cars a day have been torched across France so far this year and there have been 15 attacks a day on police and emergency services. Nearly 3,000 police officers have been injured in clashes this year. Officers have been badly injured in four ambushes in the Paris outskirts since September. Some police talk of open war with youths who are bent on more than vandalism. [...]

With all the car-b-ques, the French auto industry must be experiencing brisk sales. I'll bet auto insurance has gone way up.

And in true French fashion, just when you start to think they are completely hopeless and spineless, they go and do something upity, politically incorrect and in-your-face. The lastest scandle, is that the French are rudely jabbing their finger in Turkey's eye, by insisting that they recognise the Armenian Holocaust:

French against Turks: Talking about Armenian Genocide
... more recently, it became visible that the Turkish genocide issue was not only angering the French government but it was an identifiable issue upon which the French were pushing for Turkish EU-access membership to be granted – i.e. ‘the Turkish should be pushed to admit the Armenian genocide, and if they refuse, then they shall forfeit a place as an EU-member state’. The opposing French Socialist Party – which pushed through the legislation – held that the bill protects and rewards the Armenians in exile from a country that still refuses to accept the atrocity. Then, on 30 September, in a visit to Yerevan, the French President confirmed his position: “Should Turkey recognize the genocide of Armenia to join the EU? … I believe so. Each country grows by acknowledging the dramas and errors of its past. … Can one say that Germany which has deeply acknowledged the holocaust, has as a result lost credit? It has grown.”

I subsequently reported on how France had been left alone on this position since other EU-member states seemed ready to treat Turkey softly on this issue – I also speculated, quite rightly, that this would have detrimental diplomatic relations with the Turkish government, by arguing: “It might also be thought that Chirac could not afford to push the condition too far, since it may bring substantial damage to Franco-Turk relations before Turkey has even begun to attempt its progress towards European harmonization.” Now, that problematic tension has evolved, it is clear enough for us all to see the aggravation caused, illustrating both bilateral and multilateral tensions. [...]

Turkey has legal restrictions forbidding anyone to claim there was an Armenian Holocaust. France has just passed a bill that does the opposite, forbidding people to claim that the Armenian Holocaust didn't happen. Now France is pushing to force Turkey to own up to the Armenian Genoicde, if they want to join the EU.

I don't think anyone should be passing laws to forbid anyone from discussing anything. Nor am I a supporter of the EU. Yet France is being rather bold, challenging Turkey on this issue while the rest of Europe seemed content to let it slide. Once again, the French are being difficult... and I must say, it's much more fun when they do it to someone else, instead of us, for a change. ;-)



Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

10 24 06

Whoa Chas:
Now you are going into a conspiracy theorists dream! And the thing is that I cannot say that it doesn't make sense. Scary, scary, scary oh my!

Chas said...

Hi Mahndisa,

You know, the funny thing is, it SEEMS like a conspiracy, only because it's not being talked about much. But a real conspiracy is supposed to be secretive, yet the facts supporting this are right out in the open.

I suppose it might approach conspiracy theory, if one were to insist that "Eurabia" were a hard and inflexible policy the French are rigidly adhering to. But I think it may be more of a loose thing than that, and the French are playing with it, to see what aspects of it they can make work for them. But it's a bit like playing with fire, and they are finding out they can get burned. Certainly their cars can. And their day care centers, and their schools and hospitals...

Anonymous said...

Untill i read eurabia i'd never heard of any of this, i became very curious as to why my country was changing and looking more like an islamic state by the day,
First i found the EU web site then searched thousands of documents before coming across the eu/arab dialgue also the Rabat commitment.
Which opened my eyes to demands from muslims having been implemented in my country, halal meat served to all, islam being taught in our schools where christianity is neglected, etc etc.
The latest i read was by 2010 we shall have full free trade with muslim states which also means full access to my country.
4 out of the 5 new immigrants that enter GB at the rate of one a minute is muslim.
Yet we are never told about any of this the same 2001 stats are repeated daily of there being 1.6 million muslims here, with wives at the rate of over 30.000 a year entering plus her close family members, the high birth rate add to this immigration the eu/arab dialogue is going a pace.
On occasions i heard the word med union, i find out this is the maditerranean area = eu/arab...EUAD
also EUMED.
Should europeans find this out in time the EU will be finished.
2007 9/11 groups are hoping to bring this to public attention when a demo takes place in Brussels.
Fjordman is looked on like a king with his relentless work on behalf of the UK and european peoples.
The facts are slowly coming out via word of mouth which is very slow,
We have less than two years before we are all swallowed up into the soviet state of europe and the new communism.
GB already by common agreement is a police state pretending to be democratic, now even one or two MPs have agreed this is the case.
The French though locked their doors to more immigrants now their policy is wrecking Britain.
Almost 1000 no go areas in France around Paris suburbs which i feel they well deserve but we've to remember France has Nuclear weapons.
The uk must find it's balls otherwise it is finished, by this i mean the ordinary man and woman our politicians and top police are mainly too far gone towards dhimmitude, Blairs government did not start this but by God under his premiership it speeded up.
watch out friday the 15TH OF JUNE.
muslims have asked muslims to rise up against British oppression.
Note the crazies know after the mosque the nutters are raring to go.
Did the bbc warn about this demo?
No not a word so far, the right wing bnp guided their readers to the muslim web site request in the call for the rise up.
This is so far the only party that dares to tell us how it is for this they are branded racist!
checkout denmark SIAD checkout GB 910 group.
stop the islamification of europe are the goal of both these groups.
both know full well eurabia is a reality.
Today in London 910 counter demo against anti Israel groups for the first time we say enough is enough.
Pray for us all please!