Monday, November 06, 2006

Our Main Stream Media as a Partisan Force

The picture to the right shows the cover of last months Newsweek editions, as distrubuted around the world and here at home. (click to see larger image). Thanks to the following link from Tammy Bruce, we are shown, once again:

The Two Faces of Newsweek

As you can see, the covers that were published overseas were very different from the cover they published for us here at home, and the content of the articles also. Tammy points out:
In the event you're wondering if the Establishment Media, entities like Newsweek, for example, have an agenda to make America look bad to the world (while not sharing their intentions with us), wonder no more.

One of the better examples of the conscious effort to undermine this nation comes from last month via the cover Newsweek chose to sell in America, versus the cover they used in Europe, Asia and Latin America. For their October 2nd issue, America was given an idyllic and serene cover featuring photographer Annie Liebovitz surrounded by a bunch of children. The rest of the world, however, was given the face of a Taliban terrorist, replete with grenade launcher and the dramatic statement headline, "Losing Afghanistan."

And we wonder why the rest of the world has such a horrible attitude. Because the American Establishment Media leads them into it and feeds on it. [...]

Tammy also reports that the Department of Defense took issue with Newsweek's bias, and requested a column to "rebut some of the more sensational charges." To see their response, visit her post via the link above.

This is hardly a first for Newsweek, which has a history of publishing anti-American covers and articles overseas, where they know it will sell lots of copies. Meanwhile at home, they serve up Hollywood gossip or other pop-culture tripe for the home edition.

Newsweek is not the only one, and the blatant bias in our MSM has become so commonplace, it too often goes unchallenged. Neal Boortz today links to an excellent article by Thomas Sowell, who gives us many examples of this bias in action:

In part four of his 'Cast of Characters' series, Thomas Sowell points out that the mainstream media no longer report the news or even observe it.  He says they are now political partisans... and he points to example after example where the media's anti-Republican slant has been exposed.

With mid-term elections comming up tommorow, one can only wonder if the predictions by the MSM of large Republican losses are real news reporting, or partisan attempts to manipulate the election outcome. Boortz also mentioned today, that statistically, it would not be an unusual circumstance:

First of all ... let's be clear on this.  If the Republicans lose control of the House in tomorrow's election it will by no means be an unusual circumstance.  It will be quite normal, actually.  Last week Charles Krauthammer pointed out that since World War II a two-term president has lost an average of 29 seats in the House and six in the Senate in his sixth-year midterm elections.  If the Republicans were to lose both the House and the Senate tomorrow it would be business as usual.

That still doesn't make it right. [...]

And unfortunately, a victory for the Democrats will embolden our enemies:

[...] Be absolutely certain of one thing. A Democrat takeover of the House will be seen by Islamic terrorists everywhere as a great victory for them and a stunning defeat of their nemeses George W. Bush. A Democrat victory will make the Islamic fascist not only stronger, but bolder. They will gain legitimacy where there was doubt, and support where there was indifference. In the end, we will pay a price.

Sooner or later Islamic fascists will be defeated. They must be. A Democrat victory tomorrow will make that victory more costly and longer in coming. [...]

(bold emphasis mine) The War is about so much more than Iraq, and if we lose or back out now, it can be 100 times worse later on. So much hangs on this, and either way it turns out, it won't be smooth sailing ahead. But trying to avoid the inevitable, that which will not avoid US, which seems to be what the Democrats are doing, could make things so much worse in the long run.

I've voted already, by mail. Now it's wait and see.

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