Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Democrats REALLY think of our Military

I remember seeing leftist actress Jeannie Garfalo being interviewed on TV, when she was told about this picture, which had recently appeared in the MSM. She got angry and said it was a lie! Even she couldn't believe it was true.

But it was. I was living in San Francisco at the time, where the banner was proudly displayed. People in other parts of the country were shocked, but in San Francisco, the majority of people seemed to think it was normal and reasonable, and they coundn't understand the reaction of the rest of the country. It was about that time that we decided we no longer wanted to live in San Francisco, and decided to move back to America.

I wouldn't say that the above banner represents all Democrats, but I am concerned that the "San Francisco Democrat" attitude of contempt towards our military has indeed spread to a majority of the current Democrat Party. It's an attitude that was expressed by John Kerry recently.

Neal Boortz calls Kerry "The Poodle" because: 1) He is an appeaser like the French, and 2) He is a "kept" pet, a rich woman's lap-dog. Neal has some great commentary this morning concerning Kerry's comments about our men and women serving in Iraq, and the Democrats generally:

[...] Do we hang the sins of John Kerry around the necks of all Democrats? Well, let me ask you. Did you hear of one single Democrat .. just one .. anywhere .. stepping forward to repudiate what Kerry said? Maybe some Democrat did, but I sure as hell haven't heard anything about it. Have you? A Democrat congressional candidate in Iowa has gone so far as to say Kerry's words were "inappropriate." Hardly an apology .. but he did ask Kerry to cancel a planned campaign visit to his district.

In other words ... these gutless wonders who just love to tell us how much they truly do support our troops won't even stand up to be heard when our soldiers are slandered by this rich woman's boy toy. [...]

(bold emphasis mine) That's what really bothers me. Kerry's words don't surprise me. But the Democrats generally haven't been quick to criticize him much. I think that's because many of them have a long history of hating the US military. Democrat Presidents Carter and Clinton both weakened the US military. The Dems have the history of being the anti-war party, and too often that translates into being anti-military generally.

I remember in San Francisco, listening to Democrats complain about how the Democrat Party has to "pretend" to care about the troops, in order to put a good face on the anti-war movement. Working as waiter, I overheard many of them discussing over dinner, how they hoped as many of our troops as possible would be killed, so that Bush would not be re-elected. A typical comment:

"Most Americans are so stupid, they will only learn that war is wrong when their children start coming home in body bags. The more of our troops that get killed, the better".

Then you would see those same people at anti-war, "support our troops" candle light vigils... laughing and smiling and joking. The press always made sure to take photos of the candles, not the laughing and smiling.

I remember when the DNC had their national convention in San Francisco. That year the ticket was for Mondale/Ferraro. People were wearing buttons that said "Fritz 'n Tits". At that convention, there was concern among some Democrats, who were worried that their party was in danger of being taken over by the "San Francisco Democrats", who they considered to be the lunatic fringe of their party. Well sad to say, I think their worst fears have come true.

How Democrats "Support our troops"

This picture is typical of the kind I see on websites and blogs by anti-war Democrats:

Does it not reflect the sentiments expressed by John Kerry? Is this how they "support our troops"? I'm sure we will start hearing some more comments from some of the Democrats in the comming days, criticizing Kerry's remarks. But they, as a party, have hardly been falling over themselves in a hurry to speak up for our military personnel. Why would they? Look what they did to Joe Lieberman, one of their own.

Whatever Kerry says he meant to say, the fact is he insulted our troops, and the Democrats didn't exactly rush forward to defend them. No matter how they try to spin it now, it's too little, too late. We know what they really think.

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