Sunday, November 05, 2006

Two Visions, and the Fork in the Road

This is a fun graphic of the Democrat's Foreign policy (appeasement), but there is even more at stake in this election. There has been much talk in the media of Republicans not voting, to punish the Grand Old Party. Many Republican's are unhappy about certain issues (myself included). But if not voting is meant to reform a party, which party needs the most reforming? Each party is offering a vision, and yet one of those parties is more willing to debate their vision. Here's an excerpt from an article on that subject at Real Clear Politics:

The Democratic Party Adds Nothing to the National Debate
by Robert Tracinski.

[...] A loss for the Democratic Party in November's election would be a crushing blow. If they lose when every short-term political trend was in their favor, everyone will see it as a public repudiation of the Democratic Party. I advocate this outcome, not because I think it will cause soul-searching and a change of policies within the left--though that may well be the short-term result--but simply because the decay of the left is the long-term trend of the past three decades, and we should do everything we can to hasten it.

The more the left fades from the scene, the more the national political debate will be a debate within the right. The American system is not friendly to monolithic one-party rule. The moment one party begins to dominate, it tends to split apart along its internal fault lines. The more the Republicans dominate American politics, therefore, the more intensely they will debate among themselves--precisely the kinds of debates I have described above.

I can't guarantee that such a debate would produce the best result--I would like to see the emergence of a small-government, pro-immigration, pro-war, secular right--but I can guarantee that such a debate would be more interesting and much more productive than the debate we're having with the left right now. [...]

(bold emphasis mine) Trancinski gives many more examples in this article. Democrats like to say the Republican Party is fractured and divided, but actually, all the real debate on issues has moved there. The Democrats are more interested in posturing than debating, and they seem more and more intolerant of dissent within their own party. The way they turned on one of their own, Joe Lieberman, is a good example.

The Democrats have been great at alienating and cutting out members of their own party. But I fear that isn't the only cutting they are willing to do:

This poster was quite popular with Dems after the last presidential election. "It's only a joke" you might well argue. Yet often many a truth is spoken in jest. Even as a joke, it is expressing a sentiment, which I've long heard expressed in the Democratic Party.

I lived among San Francisco Democrats for 23 years. They often expressed a desire for the city to seceed from the USA, and become part of some "enlightened" country like France or Cuba. They often expressed the opinion that the Republican Party needed to be gotten rid of, because the Dems felt no one should oppose them and their "progressive" [socialist] agenda. (for many of these elitists, the US Constitution is expendable, too).

I fear the San Francisco Democrats, who used to be the lunatic fringe of the party, are now the dominant force, or at least a very large contingent, in them Democratic party. They seem willing to cross any line, or redraw lines, to get the power they want. Would they even slice and dice our borders, to get their slice of socialism? Consider this campaign flyer being distributed by the Dallas, TX Democrat Party:

Of course, they would rather have the whole pie, than just a slice, and they have ideas about how to get it, too. There are Democrats all over the USA who are pushing to give the vote to people who are not citizens, even if they are here illegally. That has been done in Europe, and we can see the results. And if that's not enough, Hillary Clinton wants to give the vote back to convicted felons. The Dems seem willing to do ANYTHING to to get back into power. That would be their slogan, if they were honest. Appealing to the the majority of EXISTING American voters doesn't seem to be a priority for them anymore. Perhaps it's because they know that the the existing majority of Americans don't want the Dem's socialist vision of America? And while they persue that agenda, more immediate and pressing dangers are ignored.

Neither party is perfect, but each has a different vision, and one is more open to debate than the other. The Republican Party is where all the intellegent debate is happening nowadays; and they aren't pushing a socialist agenda. Yes, there is room for improvement in The Grand Old Party too, which is why I am putting my vote and my efforts with them. The Democrats are travelling down the same road to destruction as Europe, and I will not follow them there.

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This post and the one above it are both excellent!! I loooooove that pic of Ted, Pelosi, Dean and Kerry!! I may have to snag that one.

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Yes, isn't it a great pic? It's a real work of art. I got it here:

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