Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A survivor's story...

Cox and Forkum has a link to a book about 9-1l eyewitness stories. There is an excerpt of the story of one man, David Kravette, a Cantor Fitzgerald broker, who was the only employee in his offic that morning to survive. Here is a partial excerpt:
[...] At 8:40, I get a phone call from the security desk downstairs, asking me if I'm expecting visitors. I said yes. "Well, they're here," they said. "But one of them forgot their ID."

I'm 105 flights up. The commute to get downstairs takes about five minutes, especially around that time. So I'm annoyed, obviously, because I have to go down now to sign these people in after I just told them to bring ID. I look at this desk assistant across from me, thinking maybe she'll help out and go down, but she's on the phone. She's also about eight months pregnant. She's a few weeks from maternity leave and she's on the phone talking to a friend and she's on a website looking at bassinets and cribs. A very nice girl expecting her first child. So how lazy am I? I decide to go myself. ... [...]

It's bad enough that he was the only one to survive. But... follow the link and read the rest of the excerpt, to find out what happened when he got to the lobby. Horrendous.


Unknown said...

Where is the link for the rest of his story? I was looking forward to reading it!

Chas said...

It's the "Cox and Forkum" link right at the top, for the rest of the story.