Monday, August 04, 2008

The Democrat CONTROL Agenda

Not Even At $10 A Gallon?
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell asks that the Senate consider a bill to allow offshore drilling, but Democrats, led by Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO) object.

Sen. McConnell then asks if the bill could be triggered when gas reaches $4.50 per gallon, then $5 per gallon, then $7.50 per gallon, and finally $10 per gallon. All objected to.

So how high does the gas price have to be for Democrats to agree to more oil drilling?

Hat tip to for video. Her comments on it were right on the mark:

McConnell exposing the Dems as they object to drilling even if gas gets to $10 a gallon. You see, it's not that they have some bigger, better, superior idea about how the make the world better. They simply want and need Americans to be victims. That, in fact, is the only way the left gains power, is when a population is already suffering and feels vulnerable and hopeless. Keep that in mind as you watch this.

That is the very thing that has put me off the Democrat Party long ago. They derive their power from making people feel like victims, and treating their voters like victims. The dominant Left in the party have and investment in keeping the populace aggrieved, angry and unhappy; the Democrat Left never work to solve problems, and their proposed solutions often create more problems, which require even more Democrat government interference and control.

The Republicans have unfortunately mismanaged many things while they had a majority. People are rightly fed up. The Democrats have been able to capitalize on that dissatisfaction, but instead of using the opportunity to offer real solutions, they are using it to consolidate control over the American populace. Many of them have no problem with having us living with high gas prices, because the crisis gives them the means to implement more restrictions, to assume more power over US.

We need to vote for people who are actually interested in dealing with and solving problems, not creating them.

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