Thursday, August 07, 2008

Our local Garden Tour, 2008

I've taken some video of the tour this year, but it's going to be a while till I get around to editing the footage and posting it here. So until then, here are some photos (14) taken by our friend Sheri:

This year's tour was all gardens of suburban houses.

In the background here in the photo below, you can see some cranes in the distance, on the ocean side of the bay. It's a large and expensive project to remove a shipwreck.

A couple of the homes were high up on hillsides, overlooking the bay and ocean.

The blooms of these Tiger flowers (Tigridia) in the photo below only last for one day:

This house had a balcony view of the bay in front, and a waterfall running down next to the steps on the side of the house, which led "up" to the backyard. See Pat's photos via the link below, to see the waterfall.

This last garden had an asian theme, I'll show more pics (stills from the video) when I get the video ready to post on-line.

This is just a sampling of what we saw. Pat has posted more photos from the tour here: 2008 Garden Club Tour. One of the gardens we saw had beautiful English-style hedges, follow Pat's link to see photos of those and more.

here is a link to last year's garden tour.

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