Monday, August 11, 2008

"... it's my fault that Rielle Hunter had an affair with John Edwards."

Here is a hilarious article from the LA Times, by writter Sarah Miller, who was acquainted with Rielle Hunter:

Edwards' affair? My fault
How my energy fueled Rielle Hunter into a scandal.

[...] Let me explain. I, like every other New Yorker who valued their life, moved to Los Angeles in October 2001. Almost immediately, I rented a room in a house in Benedict Canyon, owned by a friend of a friend, and lived there for almost a year. When I moved out of that room -- and I don't mind telling you at this point that Harrison Ford did the built-ins in the den and possibly some of the kitchen cabinetry -- Rielle Hunter moved in.

The homeowner who had been a friend of a friend had, by virtue of my stay, become a close friend, so I was still over at the house a lot. Rielle padded in and out in Ugg boots and flared yoga pants, and in a voice that contained strange elements of surfer-ese and lockjaw, gave unasked-for information about her life's journey and personal health. She would tell us how she'd had an amazing yoga practice that day, or give an elaborate description of some braised root she'd eaten for lunch. I think I said to my friend once, "What a wack job," but that was the extent of my relationship with Rielle.

Then, one afternoon about five years ago, I arrived for a party at the house. For better or worse, I have a near-perfect recollection of what followed. [...]

If you've ever lived in California, you will appreciate the story even more. Consider it your Monday chuckle. If you think she sounds kooky, the fact that Edwards became involved with such a women says a lot more about him.

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