Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Hope and Change" thrown under the bus?

It must be getting pretty crowded under there. From Tammy Bruce:

For Barry, "Hope" and "Change" Do Not Spring Eternal
From the various coverage of Barry's choice of Joe for a running mate, The AP offers a startling frank assessment of the Biden pick, noting correctly that it illustrates a serious lack of confidence on Obama's part, but also reveals, albeit briefly, how the Messiah's campaign message was just temporary, now boring, sloganny rhetoric. [...]

After talking about change, he picks the "ultimate insider", and some of the stuff coming out of the Obama campaign now... well read the rest. It looks like he'll say or do anything to win. Do we really know what he stands for, beyond that?

The McCain campaign was ready, with this 32 second gem:

No doubt Biden will say he changed his mind, on all counts. I mean really, what else CAN he say?

Obama really could have made a better choice. In a way I'm glad he made a poor choice, but if they win, Yikes... double trouble. I'm really hoping the swing voters see it that way.

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