Friday, September 12, 2008

Clip of Palin interview on ABC

Here's a short 3 minute clip from Thursday:

From Tammy Bruce:

Sarah's ABC Interview
And she did just fine. Remember my warning/standard to you: all Sarah needs to do is not completely truck up. She can get some things wrong, or be unclear on issues, whatever, and she'll be just fine. But frankly, other than in the edited-to-make Sarah-look-bad segments ABC has sent out, I think she did a fine job.


Personally, I would have liked The Messiah to have been subjected to a Charlie Gibson-like Inquisition two weeks after he announced he was running for President. Come to think of it, has anyone yet to ask Barry how many countries he's traveled to (pre-World Tour), or what the Bush Doctrine means, or what relevance Alaska has when it come to Russia?

So, she did just fine and no matter what the campaigns say, it's our assessment as The Deciders that counts [...]

The clip above is about 3 minutes and 17 seconds long. Pat has a clip on his blog that is about 10 minutes long:

Sarah Palin: "Mr Charlie, don't tread on me!"

Both clips are choppy, heavily edited. It would be interesting to see the whole thing, and if it's any better. I didn't see that whole broadcast last night, and I suspect these clips were shortened for the internet.

Tonight is supposed to be more exclusive interviews by Gibson with Palin tonight on "World News" and "20/20," which will broadcast a one-hour special edition at 10 p.m. ET/ 9 p.m. CT.

I hope it won't be a bunch of heavily chopped and edited bits like these. That just makes you wonder what they cut out, especially when they cut Palin off in mid-sentence. We're going to watch or record the next segment tonight, I hope it's better.

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