Friday, September 05, 2008

Closing night at the RNC: "Reagan Flashbacks"

I really enjoyed it... minus the Democrat protesters trying to disrupt things.

Some folks, Republicans, have criticized John McCain's speech for being "not partisan enough". That was the part that gave me Reagan Flashbacks. Reagan knew how to speak to all Americans, Americans who like America the way we have traditionally known it. I felt John McCain understood that.

I believe Sarah Palin also understands that. Some conservatives have embraced her as being better than John McCain himself. But I think McCain and Palin share in common their vision of America, and their willingness to cross party lines to make alliances and move forward. This, I believe, will be the big change they will introduce, the reform they are going to bring. Neither strikes me as an ideologue. Both will be willing to compromise and find common ground with conservative Democrats.

I suspect that liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats are going to be delighted by a McCain/Palin administration. Everyone else, I think, is going to feel some discomfort.

I say, hooray for the middle! We don't need extremists of either side dominating our politics. We can all work together, but we only meet in the center. Politics is the art of compromise. I don't claim to be good at it, but I suspect this ticket will be.

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Anonymous said...

McCain gave his standard speech, with a little bipartisanship thrown in, but's he's always moving...