Friday, September 12, 2008

MSM does their best to Kill the Messenger

They can't effectively talk about the message, so they attack the messenger. The smears and lies continue. It seems they just can't help themselves:

ABC News blows it

Washington Post blows it

Whoopi to McCain: Do you want me to be a slave again? (Video added)

I though Gibson would at least try to be fair... what WAS I thinking? Instead he not only quotes Palin out of context, but uses fragments of quotes as well, to twist their meaning. What a disingenuous weasel he turned out to be. Not to mention, a condescending prick.

As for Whoopi, she's like Rosie; they're both hilarious as comedians, as long as you don't have to take them seriously. Like so many Hollywood people, in matters requiring critical thinking, they tend to be more emotional than rational.

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Dionne said...

Even I am shocked at how merciless and unfair they are being towards her. The funny thing is as Patrick says, she is our iron lady and nothing seems to ruffle her.

I never, ever waste my time on network news. So, I have very little experience with Gibson but he is a first class jerk for how he treated Palin.

Chas said...

I don't watch network TV a lot either, but I've heard a lot of people say Gibson's never acted like this in other interviews. And you can bet he'd never be like that with Obama or Hillary. Double standards from the MSM once again.

The possible good things about this is that no one can say he was too easy on her; she showed us she is an iron lady when she needs to be; and the media have blatantly revealed their bias once again.

Of course Republicans are irked by the bias, but I think there are many Americans who aren't strictly partisan, who will also see the bias and be annoyed by it.

Dionne said...

I also just found out that they did a major hatchet job when they edited it. I totally think its going to backfire. When you have a Democrat strategist coming to her defense, you know they have gone too far: