Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sarah Palin: the best candidate for libertarians

David Harsanyi at Real Clear Politics makes the claim that Palin is the best candidate that libertarians can have in this election:

The Libertarian Case for Palin
The potential political consequences of Sarah Palin have been chewed over from every imaginable angle.

Though there is plenty to ponder, one thing is certain: libertarian-inclined voters should be encouraged. No, I'm not suggesting that your little Molly will be bringing home "The Road to Serfdom" from her (distinctly non-public) elementary school. But in contrast to any national candidate in recent memory, Palin is the one that exudes the economic and cultural sensibilities of a geniune Western-style libertarian. [...]

The article goes on to list the many ways that Sarah Palin is an ideal libertarian's choice among electable candidates in this election. It also goes a good ways in explaining her bipartisan appeal across party lines.

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