Monday, November 03, 2008

Do we want or need Obama's government funded and controlled "Civilian Security Force"?

A force that is to be as powerful as our own military? To what ends? It's called a "Force" for a reason.

Obama's 'Civilian National Security Force'

American Thinker:
Obama's Civilian National Security Force

Gateway Pundit:
Obama's Plans For Marxist-like National Civilian Security Force Back in the News

If a Republican tried to start and fund something this massive, it would be shot down in flames. But all things are possible for The One. The Far Left Democrats who dominate the party currently don't mind excessive power, so long as they are the ones directing and wielding it. Given Obama's record for using all means possible to silence his critics, and his associations with people given to using brute force, this does not bode well.

I'm not saying it would necessarily become something like Hitler's Brownshirts. But it wouldn't have to. "Politically Correct Thought Police" would be Orwellian enough to unnerve me. No matter how much you believe in Obama's good intentions behind this, surely it's not hard to see the potential for great abuse of such a force? Not to mention, expense. No doubt two reasons why no one else has been pushing the idea.

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Angry IT said...

This is truly scary - you outline it in a way that simplifies.

The potential for abuse is not only possible but likely. I don't like it...I don't like it at all...