Saturday, November 01, 2008

Rain, Fowl Dramas and Power Supplies

I haven't been posting lately, for a couple of reasons. Getting the farm ready for winter has meant putting extra effort into completing a few projects before the rains start happening full force.

There have also been some dramas with our fowls. Our flying Mallards completed their fall molt, and began to fly. We had clipped their wings when we first got them a year ago, so they would not fly away. But now that they were used to this being their home, I thought it would be safe to not clip them. It was glorious, having them fly around the farm, then spiraling down around me for a landing. I was hoping to video tape it for the blog. But last Wednesday, they flew over the house and vanished. At sunset, the male returned by himself.

Dilly, Dally and Dolly before their Fall molt.
As of Wednesday, it's been "Goodbye Dolly".

I can't know what happened to the female. I think she would have come back if she could, so I fear the worst. So it seems we've learned the hard way that we need to keep their wings clipped. We clipped the drake, so he will stay and keep our female runner duck company, and not risk getting shot or eaten by something.

Then on Halloween, a hawk attacked our bantams, I heard the commotion and got out the front door just in time to see it about to get one of the nine baby chicks. I chased it off, but a count of the chicks showed that there were only eight left. I didn't see it fly off with a carcass, and I couldn't find a body, so I wasn't sure what to think. Much later in the day, a recount showed that there were nine chicks, so one must have been hiding really well.

There's been several things I've wanted to blog about regarding the election, but my computer is having problems. I think it's the power supply, it seems to be overheating, and probably needs to be replaced. All things considered, I haven't been on-line as much as I'd like. I'll have to try to get it all sorted out soon.


grandad says said...

Hi Chas,
My first visit to your blog....pushed here by Patrick.

Enjoyed your farmyard stuff. Will be back often.


Walker said...

I bet ducks will come back every year to the same place. There was a flock of geese that returned to the cornfield across from us every year. We could tell it was the same one because even though it was a flock of Canadian geese, there was one white goose. Not an albino but a different kind of goose! And every year they landed in that cornfield. Haven't see the white one in several years now.

Chas said...

You are welcome any time!

I think we will be getting a pair of geese eventually.

Anonymous said...

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