Monday, November 03, 2008

Will the Main Stream Media be responsible for a November Surprise tomorrow?

Victor Davis Hanson has an article today called The End of Journalism, where he states that "Sometime in 2008, journalism as we knew it died, and advocacy media took its place." The media has been biased for quite some time, but his year, they haven't even bothered to make the pretense of being unbiased. They have decided for us.

In blogging for this election, I've spent a lot of my time blogging about Obama, and the things about him the MSM failed to report on. The sad part of that is, I would have much rather spent my time talking about the advantages of a McCain/Palin ticket, instead of trying to make up for the deficiencies, lies and distortions of the MSM.

I see the photos of huge numbers of people at McCain/Palin rallies, at I look for the rallies on the MSM, and they aren't there. But the lies and distortions are.

Most people get their news from the MSM, not blogs. If McCain/Palin manages to win, it will be because it's what the majority of American people really want, despite the efforts of so many in the media to manipulate the outcome.

If Obama looses, and riots ensue as some are predicting, it will be the MSM who is responsible, for building up false expectations.

Republicans have not been the ones committing voter registration fraud, accepting illegal campaign contributions and bullying critics into silence. The MSM has not only failed to report substantially on these and other things, but have focused their resources on publishing skewed polls and erroneous stories presented as facts. All in support of their Chosen One.

No matter who wins this, the MSM will have a great deal to answer for. We should all be holding them accountable. Real journalism, that scrutinizes and reports on ALL the candidates, needs to live again.

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