Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christmas Lights Already at Rooster Ranch

Putting up Christmas lights can be such a fuss, then you have to take them down so soon. So this year, we decided to start earlier, so we could enjoy them longer. We put them up shortly after the Daylight Savings time change.

At night out here, there are no streetlights; when it gets dark, it's DARK. Which makes the lights all the more enjoyable.


Sean Carter said...

Christmas lights are so much a part of Christmas decorations!! The lights are looking so amazing in the picture!! If you are looking out for some more fun and out of the box Christmas ideas, you can just dig into my Holiday Blog...

Anonymous said...

Hi Chas. I have just returned from the hospital and after a 2nd bout of abdominal pain (attack) and high white blood cell count I was sent for an ultra sound. They diagnosed my problem as gall stones and the dr has told me my gallbladder has to be removed.

Since returning home awaiting surgery, I have been reading and searching various sites and came across your site.I to am in the same dilemma and after a few hours of reading other peoples experiences have concluded that surgery is the correct way to go.

Being that it is now mid November i was curious as to what you decided to do. Did you opt for surgery? if so how do feel?


[Note: submitted 11-15-06]

Chas said...


I made a mistake when trying to publish your post, and I accidently deleated it instead. So I copied it from the cache to repost it. If your name was a hyperlink, it didn't come through, but you are welcome to repost it.

I very much wanted to answer your post, because I just had the surgery yesterday, on the 15th. I just got home from the hospital today.

I feel great, mostly, though I think I'm still feeling the effects of the general anesthesia, which is why I botched posting your post. I feel a bit high, no wonder I was required to have someone pick me up to take me home!

I'm not sure I'm even fit to be blogging at this point. I will be posting more about it in the future.

But briefly, I'm glad I had it done, I've got five small holes in me now, they are a bit sore, I've got pain meds to take if I want, but I don't think I'll need to. Before I left, I met with the doctor, who told me that my gall bladder had a lot of scar tissue, so it was a good thing it came out.

I've got more to say about that, and other things, but it'll have to wait till later... :-)

Dionne said...

Glad you got the surgery and are on the road to recovery.

I saw the lights at Patrick's site and I love that pic you have of the big front porch. I love big front porches, that is on my wish list for my next house.

Chas said...


I'm glad I went ahead with it, though I'm feeling a bit sore today, am starting to feel the bruises. I'm just taking Advil for the pain, it helps. I figure it should get a little better each day.

We love our big porch, in a place like Oregon where it rains so much, it's a real treat to have a big porch, it lets you enjoy the outdoors in all kinds of weather. It's a great place to entertain guests.

We have an even bigger porch on the other side, which we have closed off, but it still has windows that open going all around it, and skylights in the roof, so it's like an out-doors room.