Saturday, June 30, 2007

Al Gore's three 30 inch computer screens

He really does have three 30" screens. I'd try to think of something nasty to say about that, but I can't, because... I'd like to have those too!

I did find a comic though, that made some fun comments:

I got it from, which also had this poll with it:
Most likely reason Al Gore needs those three 30" monitors?
  • He's attempting to open a portal to other universe.
  • He needs the desktop space for inventing things.
  • He heard there's lots of money to be made in screen real estate.
  • Everybody needs to spoil themselves now and then.
  • TIME magazine was coming over, he had to do something fast to distract them from his messy office.
  • Those monitors really take the sting out of not winning that election!

View the Results

My office is just like Al Gore's, but the screens, and the office, are considerably smaller:

No doubt Al needs the extra screen and office space more than I do. It can't be easy running a world-wide Global Warming Religion, and doing neat things like inventing the internet! Clearly it requires more space. ;-)

Here is a link to a compilation of all my posts involving Al Gore.

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