Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Asustek's ASUS Eee 701: video with narative

Here is an informative video about the $200 ASUS flash memory laptop:

The video is one minute and 40 seconds long, narrated in English. It says that the version of Linux the Eee 701 is using is Xandros, and shows some of the screens in easy mode. It reviews the machine's specs, pricing and other info.

Apparently the display model was running for 6 hours on battery power, and didn't even get hot to the touch. Asustek has made a 2nd press release, giving more details:

Enter the 'E' Era with ASUS Eee PC
Intel and ASUS Outline a Vision of Internet Mobility Solutions for the Future

It seems they may begin shipping the units as early as July:
[...] ASUS plans to start shipping the units in July or August, with a target of selling 200,000 units this year – all under the ASUS brand. Amid gasps from the audience, the Eee PC units were revealed to come in at an extremely competitive price of around USD $199 for the 7" units, and about USD $299 for the 10" version.

I'm still kinda shocked by the low price; it's nice to have it confirmed straight from the horse's mouth. And they must already be in production if they are planning to ship so soon. Just in time for school, for a lot of folks.

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