Friday, June 29, 2007

The American People Win This Round...

Is it possible our government might now actually get a clue that the majority of Americans didn't want their amnesty bill?

Senate Immigration Bill 'Dead'

It's worth noting too that the opposition was bi-partisan; Democrat labor unionists in particular opposed the flood of cheap labor the work visa program would provide. Many Republicans felt the president was ignoring, and even abusing, the base of his own party:

I don't think that every part of the bill was bad. And like it or not, some form of amnesty for some illegals might be inevitable, as the majority of Americans don't want to see families split up with forced mass deportations, which would be unworkable anyway. But whatever solution about that is reached, it should not be rushed through without thorough, intelligent debate, and input by the American people. The way this bill was attempted to be pushed through in a grand rush is disgraceful.

Most Americans are for LEGAL immigration. But our whole immigration department is backlogged; it needs to be fixed. Solutions need to be found to deal with current illegals already here; a consequence we have to face because we did not enforce our laws for so long. We CAN deal with it. But NONE of that can be accomplished effectively without securing our borders FIRST. Most Americans understand that this failed immigration bill would have done nothing meaningful to accomplish that:

It's absurd to talk about reforming immigration without FIRST gaining control of our borders. This latest bill made a few token gestures at doing that, gestures that have too often been made in the past, that went nowhere. We have seen our government promise to strengthen the border before, and they never do; we no longer believe them on their word. They have to PROVE it by DOING it!

Once you put a halt to the invasion, you can rationally discuss what to do with the folks already here. Secure the border first, and everything else will fall into place. If the people in Washington aren't listening to that, they need to be made to listen, and act accordingly... or be replaced. They serve at OUR discretion, not the other way around.

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