Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Creating a crisis and exploiting it, the Soviet Way

From Russia with No Love
[...] It can be argued that the destabilization of our culture and economy, magnified by policies of the Obama Administration, conform to KGB plans for the collapse of the United States. The only question remains: Is Obama masterminding the current events for economic collapse, or is he just the hapless puppet holding the hot potato? [...]

It goes on to describe the Soviet four-step process called "Ideological Subversion." The four steps in that process are:

1. Demoralization.

2. Destabilization.

3. Crisis.

4. Normalization.

The article describes how each stage would work. Read it, and see how well it matches what we are currently looking at. Have we already gone through steps one and two? Are we entering step three? And if we are heading for step four, what can we expect?

This also fits in well with the orchestrated crisis that Leftist academics advocated in the 1960's. Did they sow the seeds back then, and now they are bearing fruit?


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