Thursday, October 15, 2009

HP uses it's Compaq brand to aim for a larger share of the low end PC and "Netbook" market

When HP acquired Compaq, they used that brand as their low-end computer line. But what is new is, that they are going to start offering even lower-priced computers, including full-blown laptops at Netbook prices:

HP jump-starting Compaq brand with ultra-cheap machines
[...] Today the company is announcing the rollout of a line of ultra-inexpensive PCs, both laptops and desktops, with extreme budgets in mind.

Consider first the Compaq CQ61z (pictured), a 15.6-inch laptop with an AMD Sempron CPU, 2GB of RAM, DVD burner, 160GB hard drive, and discrete graphics. Running Windows 7 Home Premium, the machine costs a nearly unfathomable $399. That price point probably sounds familiar -- it's the usual cost for your average netbook, which in comparison offers a tiny screen, minimal hard drive, and an ultra-low-power Atom CPU.

With the $400 laptop's arrival, Compaq wants potential buyers to ask: Why not jump up to a much larger and more capable system for exactly the same price? I'm having a hard time seeing any reason not to. Seriously, it even has a numeric keypad.

Even better bargains abound for desktop shoppers. The attractive Compaq Presario 4010f has similar specs (with a 250GB hard drive) and starts at just $309 after a $100 rebate.

Both systems are available on Windows 7 launch day, October 22. [...]

I bought a Compaq desktop computer a few years ago, that I've not been real impressed with. It seems to have heat-sink problems. I've gotten some advice on how to repair it, but it's daunting; one mistake, and it's ruined.

Perhaps I damaged the heat-sink by adding a 2nd hard drive without upgrading the power supply first; I don't know. But because of this problem, I would be cautious about buying another Compaq desktop.

On the other hand, we have a Compaq laptop that been a very durable trooper. I've found that there isn't a lot of difference between HP and Compaq laptops, mostly the differences are only model numbers and styling. If this laptop turns out to be the same, it could be a really good deal. I'll wait for the reviews.

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