Thursday, October 22, 2009

The "Public Option"; what it really means

The Public Option Deception
[...] more than one critic has wondered aloud why Democrats don’t just give up on the public option – which is opposed by every Republican – in order to reach a more bipartisan outcome. What exactly is so important about the public option anyway? And why do Democrats in particular seem so wedded to the idea?

There is a simple answer to these questions, but it’s an answer you’ve likely not heard from any institution in the mainstream media. The truth is that the public plan is a carefully devised scheme, a sneaky strategy, to deceive American voters. It’s a political marketing ploy designed to move the nation to a single-payer system – like the one in Canada – over the next decade. The public option is the Trojan horse. On the outside it’s all about “choice and competition”, but once it has been dragged within the walls of American medicine it’s true nature will become evident. By that time, it’ll be too late.

You want proof? We’ve got plenty. [...]

And there is plenty of proof. But what good is it, if people don't hear about it?

The latest strategy the Dems are considering, to push it through, is to change the name, to Medicare for everyone, because "Medicare" is a familiar word that doesn't scare people. The Dems don't care what the name of their Trojan Horse is, as long as they can sneak it in.


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