Thursday, October 08, 2009

An ... "interactive" Mural. Is it Art? Is it politics?

Is it somewhat educational? Is it kinda creepy? You decide:

One Nation Under God

My vote goes to all four. From a purely artistic viewpoint, I enjoy it. It has a classic style, and the artist seems to have put a lot of... "love" into it. Is that the word? I think it is.

Politically, well... it represents the views of a shrinking demographic in America. I understand the sentiments well enough, but increasingly its... a shrinking demographic. One could endlessly discuss the many political aspects presented here.

Educationally... well. I suppose you could call it an introduction to some figures of history. It certainly could evoke some questions and discussions.

I'd love to hear how the Art Nun would describe this painting. How would she suss out the psychology of it? How would she describe it? The End of the White Christian American World? The end of the American Constitution? The End of the World, period? It certainly seems like the end of someone's world. And Satan behind the movie producer... well I suppose if ya gotta put him somewhere... anyway, creepy. Just in time for Halloween?

Andrew Sullivan had a comment about the Jesus in this painting:

Amending The Christianist Tableau
[...] What if Jesus were portrayed as, you know, Jewish, rather than as some Deutsche Christen linebacker? [...]

He gives a sample of a more realistic rendition, then suggests that it "wouldn't work". Follow the link and see. Would it work? I think not. Hence, for me, part of the creepy factor.

Christianity certainly did influence the creation of the American Constitution. The interactive mural makes for some good discussion points. Different parts of it bother me, for a variety of reasons. On the whole, I have to say it makes me uncomfortable, but then, it's meant to; and strangely, that's part of what I enjoy about it. So ultimately, I won't knock the whole thing, but neither am I going to buy the whole store.

It is what it is. It will mean more to some people than others.

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