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“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” - George Orwell

I found the above quote in this long, rambling post by Takuan Seiyo at the Brussels Journal:

From Meccania To Atlantis - Part 16: Exodus 1: Reality for Radicals
[...] Insane governments have turned a crisis of imprudent banking into a crisis of imprudent sovereign debt. To cure a disease of debt they have issued more debt. To address a fundamental crisis of insolvency, they are pumping the stock Keynesian emetic as though this were a crisis of liquidity. Like Michael Crichton’s environmentalists (1), destroying Nature they arrogantly wanted to manage, pedigreed economists at the helm of the West’s fiscal and monetary destiny have engaged in ignorant, incompetent, and disastrously intrusive intervention that will be followed by attempts to repair the intervention, followed by attempts to repair the damage caused by the repair.

One after another, fiat currencies are catching fire, as all paper promises by lying governments must. Flight into the perceived safety of U.S. Treasury bonds buys the debt paper of the biggest Greece of them all. Stocks have crashed. If money printing brings them up again it won’t last, for consumer demand itself has cratered. Flight into gold leads into a blind alley foreclosed by the evil vampire squids either through naked shorts that suppress the price as a favor to Leviathan or through fictional fractional business that allows them to sell 100 bars of paper gold against each one they own.

Naked shorting, i.e. selling commodities you neither own nor borrowed is simply a con job akin to selling the Brooklyn Bridge or Eiffel Tower. That such an institutionalized swindle is allowed attests to the fundamental disconnect from Reality and moral bankruptcy not merely of the greedy Crooks but of the governments that have abandoned their few needed and legitimate functions, salient among which is being the honest cop in the bustling marketplace.

Instead, governments are busy pulling off their own mega-swindles, such as promising too many costly entitlements to too many people and misspending enormous funds on social engineering at home and stupid pet causes abroad. Those funds are raised through confiscation from legitimate citizens via onerous taxation, borrowing in international Ponzi schemes, and diluting the currency through “quantitative easing.” The latter forfeits the government’s second needed function: to preserve the value of the currency it issues.

Throughout the West, Karl Marx is smiling even as gangster financial manipulators loot the world with impunity. It’s from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

In the U.S., the government has coerced banks to grant mortgages to millions of favored minorities, irrespective of prospects of repayment. When, inevitably, the mortgages went sour and the banks crashed, the government transferred all that fictional finance onto its own books underwritten by the taxpayers’ money. In Europe, the Northern people who work, produce and save have been forced out of their sound currencies to enable their Body Snatcher (2) elites to subsidize via the common euro the Southern people who play, consume and borrow. When the inevitable happened, the Eurocrats are transferring further trillions from the Northerners, to bail out the Southerners.

As each level of fiction collapses before the onslaught of offended Reality, many more levels of lies remain. The massive foundation of social, economic, cultural, biological, political and geopolitical illusions on which the modern Western state perches as though on a layer of sweet and airy meringue is already so pitted and fissured that all but diehard Snatchers perceive it. Alas, frank public debate of the underlying phantom crossbars is proscribed by Snatcher laws and speech codes. Moreover, the majority of the population is hostile to such debate, for it’s guy-wired by Pod mental chipsets implanted by the state’s compulsory education and remotely controlled by all other major social institutions nonstop for the last 45 years.

Unlike in the financial area, social and martial crashes are still avoidable in theory, but will not be avoided because the ruling elites refuse to discern their true causes and the majorities that vote them in are too far-gone to change that. In the decohered Inverse Reality foisted on the West by its ruling class, nothing can make sense or is ever predictable. It’s all a series of random events while we, free of the burden of facts and their patterns, can proceed gloriously toward a vision of ever more perfect Justice, Equality and Peace.


To discuss Reality, one does not have to deploy polysyllabic words with Greek and Latin endings. A PhD dissertation written in German is not needed. Reality is what is. We have known for a hundred thousand years what is.

Repeat empirical evidence of Reality is programmed into our genes; for instance the “flight or fight” response. Your body will rarely make the error of trying to wrestle down a grizzly bear, yet your postmodern nation is committed to spawning horrific grizzly bears forever and forcing you at the point of the government’s gun to wrestle them every day of your life.

Reality is also encoded in our cultural legacy. Consider Genesis 3:15, God’s curse on the serpent: “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in vain for her heel.” I call it time-tested advice for survival, if needing some caveats for various garter and black (e.g. Coluber constrictor) snakes. But modern-day Loons would call it prejudice, racial profiling and hate speech. And Gnostic Loons who hold the levers of power will deliberately force you to venture barefoot among the vipers, to cure you of your prejudices.

Reality does not need a battery of sociologists to tabulate and ameliorate it. Hear the Welsh priest George Herbert, who counseled in his 1651 Jacula Prudentium, "He that lies with the dogs riseth with fleas." How do the liaisons of your country with the rogue nations of the Third World look in light of this apothegm? Or consider what Benjamin Franklin wrote in Poor Richard's Almanack sometime in the 1740s: "Nine men in ten are suicides." How does the theory and practice of the neo-socialist “social justice” redistributive state look in light of this six-word crystallization of Reality?


Reality Renaissance

The title of this Part, “Reality for Radicals,” is a play on the title of the book Rules for Radicals – the clever manifesto by Saul Alinsky at whose virtual feet sat the leaders of the ruling elite, starting with the Community Organizer in Chief, B. H. Obama, America’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and probably the entire nomenklatura of Socialist International.

Nevertheless, this opinion channel, this writer and these readers are no Radicals. They are Regulars. On the major issues of life and society they stand roughly in the same zone where stood the Greatest Generation -- their Nazi-smashing grandparents. It’s just that the Snatchers have snatched the goal posts too, and moved them to the far left corner of the field.

The Regulars are radical only in the sense that George Orwell prophesied when he wrote in 1984: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” [...]

And telling the truth is what we must do. Someone's gotta do it. What's the alternative? We can see where the lies are taking us. It's not sustainable. Reality will only continue to be offended for just so long, before it strikes back.

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