Saturday, July 03, 2010

Modern Gnosticism's disregard for reality

Is that what's driven us to this financial crisis? There is a case to be made for it:

From Gnosis to Sepsis
[...] Bertonneau adduces the current American economic crisis as an example of modern Gnosticism, where “the magical spending of money that does not exist [snip], stubbornly fails to result in the rescue of an economy whose collapse stems, in the first place, from pathological, non-reality-related super-spending of money that did not, even then, exist.” But here I take exception. With respect to the profession of economics, addled by the Keynesian opium that prosperity ensues from spending money one (including government) does not have, yes, that is pure Gnosticism. But with respect to the governing elites that have pushed the U.S. and Europe into this miserable mess, no. The fingerprints of the Crooks on this thing are much bolder than the Loons’ are.

The illness that’s crippling the Western colossus derives from three main pathogens: greed, cowardice and lying. All three are an eternal part of the human condition. What’s unique now is that up to 100 years ago every Western country had an elite bred to suppress those vices as a matter of noblesse oblige. But the elite now is the locus where greed, cowardice and lying fester and from which they flow downward.

The lies allow the Loons -- and they are the majority -- to cover up their cowardice and to perpetuate their Gnostic illusions. Latching onto the same lies enables the Crooks to rule and steal. The result is the same: sepsis.

Sepsis, a Greek word implying a process of rotting, is a medical term denoting the penetration of harmful bacteria or other pathogenic organisms into the body. The lies on which the Progressive’s Gnosis is based are the infection paths by which Western society has become riddled with pathogens. The lies have been pointed out by several reactionary-conservative writers, including in the previous chapters of this work. But that won’t be enough.

It cannot suffice, because the ruling elite is wedded to the lies. [...]

There are so many lies, false premises being promulgated, that's it's becoming impossible to fix problems because so few are looking at the reality that underlies them. We disregard reality at our own peril.

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