Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Scared of Santa Claus

Here's a few pics from a website featuring photos of children who are afraid of Santa Claus.

This one above is my favorite. The little girl in the green jacket is being held in place by her two siblings, who have a firm grip at the back of her jacket. The boy looks like I think I would in his position. Big sis looks determined to make the most of it. Santa looks... less than thrilled!

This kid was probably heard miles away...

... and this one looks like she just met an axe murderer.

You can see more pics here:

Scared of Santa

(hat tip: Nealz Nuze)


Anonymous said...

I remember when MY "kid" did this! AND - you can't lol either.

Chas said...

I saw at least one pic on this site where you could see the dad off to the side, laughing. I think the mom was taking the picture, and caught that. :-)