Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Groovy Interior Decorating of the 70's

In 2007 I did a post about Amusing Interior Designs of the 60's and 70's, based on a page of photos from old interior decorating magazines published on a Flickr site created by "Miss Retro Modern". Her commentary, and the comments left by her visitors, were as amusing as the photos were.

Well, Miss Retro has updated her site with some more "groovy" pics of interior design, mostly from the '70's. Below are some samples of 10 of my favorites. Some comments from the site are included below each photo.

From Miss Retro Modern's Your Swingin' Pad:
Exotic Enclave for a Colour-Keen Teen

Where can we buy that wallpaper?!
[I'm sure there's plenty of it that never sold.]

If only I could get my eyes uncrossed...

Vertigo-inducing wallpaper. Fun.

"Restraint" was not a word that was often uttered in the 70's.
Nor was the word "understated."

Bunk Beds Make Sharing Fun

"Mommy! Where are our beds? We can't see them!"

I would totally trip over those chairs. Daily.

Wow, another incredible floor. I think I would trip over the floor.

i didn't even notice the beds! bunk beds? what bunk beds! this one kinda hurts the eyes...but i do like the wall behind the beds, looks like a bunch of granny squares or hankies...which would make it easy for the snot nosed kid who lived in this room

man, what did these kids do that would deserve this kind of treatment???

oh. the seizure room. how nice.

Fun Things To Do With Fabric

Dear Lord! Who could get rest in that room?

I really can't get into that 'my bedspread matches my wallpaper' thing!

prints in moderation people!

Throw a few stains on the carpet and I swear that's the last cheap motel I stayed in.

looks like mom forgot to take her meds again

Mushroom Hell: It IS Possible

I never imagined there would be a time when I called a halt on the mushrooms in a decorating scheme ... but that time has come.

I'm disappointed, the carpet doesn't match the drapes (and tablecloth).
Wow, that's overkill, even for me.

Jeez, that is the room that half an hour after it is finished you realise you cannot live with!

Attack of the Magical Shrooms.

What's for dinner?
Why, cream of mushroom soup, of course.

With stuffed mushrooms!!

A Private Bower for Baby

For those times when you need to put baby in the crazy corner.

You know that your crazy corner is too crazy when you can't even SEE your mobile.

there is a mobile in there?

I think it's a great way to induce Charlotte Perkins Gilman Syndrome for the little lass.

This certainly explains those of us that grew up in the 70s...

Turn Your Bedroom into an Exotic Tent!

My, isn’t that restful!

turn it into an "exotic tent" and then go on an acid trip!

oooh, where is my migraine medication?!?

I will never understand all of these decorating guides that foist busily patterned bedrooms on everybody. Who could sleep in here?

I could definitely jump out of bed in the morning in this room...to get away from it!

Ohh, this reminds me of the hotel I stayed in while in Turkey!

Is it fireproof?
If ignited, it could make the Hindenburg look like burp in a gas barbecue.

For the Tuned-In Teen

Not sure what that white thing in his mouth might be, but it looks t'me like those young'ns are about to tune OUT!
Good thing they've got all that popcorn.

Popcorn and a mattress on the floor. The makings of a great weekend.

ouch,my eyes are burning!

I like that the popcorn is in a giant brandy snifter and the "children" look like they're in their 30's.

Those wiggly things on the wall are unnerving. They're like giant anemone fingers, ready to sting unwary sitters-by...

The Raggedy Ann and Andy Room

Anyone else would need to be in a straight-jacket to stay here for very long.

That bed is just so ... grim. It looks hard and uncomfortable -- as if it's a place for punishment where you sit and your butt grows numb as you contemplate the creepiness of Raggedy Andy's hat.

are the yellow slats where they tie your wrists and ankles with the sheepskin retraints? and why is it only on one side? what if little timmy falls off that side of the bed? maybe that's the torture! bwahahaha! he fell of the left side last night!

A decorating suggestion for those who truly despise their children.

I tend to agree with Sharon's analysis. One does rather expect a camera-pan over to a corner, where Rod Serling, his hands folded in front of him, is standing , making some - sort of metaphorical commentary. My first-impression on seeing this, actually was, "not only would this work as children's room, it would be even better for an insane asylum!"

A Room for a Young Liberationist

OK, now this is just creepy

Creepy ... and yet I kinda love that yellow shag carpet.

The letters F, N, and U are not on the wall....No fun?

The fun is on the carpet!!
What a relief to have found the fun.

A Room Any Lady Bunny Would Love

The rabbit deserves better.

How bout that table.
Ikea should sell them.
As for the kid, that could only be a result of heavy sedation.

I find the child frightening. But I do love that carpet!

yipes! "now i lay me down to sleep...i pray the Lord my soul to keep:...and hope that the scary chair babies don't try to steal me in teh night!

It seems like everyone was taking drugs in the 60's... and by the 70's, this was the result of their burned-out brain cells.

One could argue that decorators were more bold and adventurous back then, more willing to experiment. To be truthful, I actually DO like some of the bright colors and even some of the groovy patterns. But the way they are combined in some of these photos... what were they thinking? WERE they thinking?

Most of these are supposed to be children's bedrooms. You really have to wonder how this affected the kids who grew up in them.

Follow the link for more groovy decorating photos with catty commentary.


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