Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Immigration, protesters and guest workers, here and abroad

Is it really about amnesty for peaceful "undocumented workers"? Or is it actually about sabotaging U.S. immigration policy and stopping immigration enforcement against ANYONE?

See Michelle Malkin's post, "THE SIGNS YOU DIDN'T SEE..." to see what the MSM won't show you.

From Neal Boortz:

...Ron Maxwell is a Hollywood director and is not happy with what he saw yesterday. He's preparing a film dealing with illegal aliens and their invasion of this country. Maxwell, interviewed on Fox News Channel, said that this is all part of a plot by the elites of Mexico and the United States Congress to change the social face of America. It's an invasion. Twenty or thirty years from now there will be a movement to make the Southwestern US the northern province of Mexico. These people have no desire to assimilate. They will soon show their separatist feelings, much like the French-Canadians in Quebec.

Maxwell points out that the figure we keep hearing about 11 or 12 million illegals is a smokescreen. He reminds us that we've already been through one amnesty deal where as many as 13 million illegal aliens were forgiven for their crimes and allowed to stay. So, make the number 25 million.

Americans are overconfident. The United States has been here since the day they were born, and they think that it's bulletproof. Nothing can happen. Our country will survive as it is today. There has been an invasion of over 25 million Mexicans and Hispanics since 1990. If you don't think an invasion force like that can change the face of this country, then you're asleep.

Fifteen million illegals enter the country. Then we have an amnesty agreement from Washington. Nothing is done to control the borders. Another 11 to 12 million illegals cross, expecting history to repeat itself. History then repeats itself. Again, nothing is done to close the border. What do you expect the outcome to be?

This is the largest mass migration -- invasion -- in the history of the world. Twenty five million people crossing the border from one country to another in what is historically speaking a relatively short period of time...

You can read the whole thing HERE.

Is Europe Losing It's Nerve?

From Tammy Bruce:

In the last few days, France capitulates to a screaming mob of Leftists and Islamists rioting in the street for the right to not work, and Italy boots Berlusconi. With these ominous events, Daniel Johnson in the NY Sun offers an excellent analysis of how Europe is visibly losing it's nerve in the face of the world's new fascist enemies...

See Tammy's post:

As the Lights Go Out in Europe

From Thomas Sowell:
Immigration "solutions"
An Excerpt:

...Both liberals and free-market libertarians often see this as an abstract issue about poor people being hindered from moving to jobs by an arbitrary border drawn across the southwest desert.

Intellectuals' ability to think of people in the abstract is a dangerous talent in a world where people differ in all the ways that make them people. The cultures and surrounding circumstances of those people are crucial for understanding what they are likely to do and what the consequences are likely to be.

Some free-market advocates argue that the same principle which justifies free international trade in commodities should justify the free movement of people as well. But this ignores the fact that people have consequences that go far beyond the consequences of commodities.

Commodities are used up and vanish. People generate more people, who become a permanent and expanding part of the country's population and electorate.

It is an irreversible process -- and a potentially dangerous process, as Europeans have discovered with their "guest worker" programs that have brought in many Muslims who are fundamentally hostile to the culture and the people that welcomed them...

Sowell also rightly points out that there is a movement to keep immigrants from assimilating:

...Today, immigrant spokesmen promote grievances, not gratitude, much less patriotism. Moreover, many native-born Americans also promote a sense of separatism and grievance and, through "multi-culturalism," strive to keep immigrants foreign and disaffected...

It's worth noting that IMO, this is also the Democrats powerbase: to keep people divided into special interest "victim" groups, and to not actually solve their grievences, but to encourage and reinforce them, and draw on that for political power. That's why Dems like Ted Kennedy and Hilary Clinton were out in full force pandering to people who break our laws.

You can read the whole article HERE.

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