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Mary Cheney's new book

Mary Cheney's new book is out, and Tammy Bruce has a post about it. In Tammy's last book, "The New American Revolution", she had high praise for Mary Cheney, and that praise continues. An excerpt:

...She's a true American patriot, in the Classical Liberal style, an Authentic Conservative committed to true American freedom.

There's lots of behind the scenes stories in the book including what her father's debate prep was like, as well as her parents reaction to her revelation when she was a teenager that she's gay.

Mary, like I, also knows what it's like to face the Gay Gestapo and how ugly and vile the "tolerant Left" can be when homosexuals don't conform to the Leftist worldview. Her stories are great, her courage inspiring, and her book worth supporting. I personally know about the compassion and generosity of American Conservatives, it's time to show the nation the value and importance of Mary's message by making her book a terrific success...

(bold emphasis mine - Tammy's experience is similar to my own)Tammy also provides a link to an excerpt of the book by ABC news. It's a fairly long excerpt, I'm only going to quote one part of it, which was kind of amusing and weird.

When Dick Cheney was anounced as the VP candidate, the press began to hound Mary and her partner, Heather. They saved some of the messages on their answering machine. Here is a sample of what happened:

...As Heather and I watched the announcement on the television in our living room, our phone started ringing and we found ourselves inundated by calls from reporters and producers who wanted to interview the gay daughter of the Republican vice presidential nominee.

There were well over a hundred calls in the first twenty-four hours, all of which we let the answering machine pick up. As amazing as the volume of calls was the fact that everyone left work and home phone numbers. It wasn't just the producers. Maria Shriver, Diane Sawyer, and Connie Chung all left their home phone numbers, but Heather and I didn't return any of the calls. These reporters only wanted to talk to me about my sexual orientation, and they only wanted to talk to me about that because my dad was a candidate for vice president. I had better things to do. Heather and I did write down everyone's name and number, however. We toyed with the idea of auctioning off the list on eBay, but decided that it probably wasn't a good idea to alienate all of those reporters at the start of a national political campaign.

Without a doubt, the most persistent reporter was Diane Sawyer. She called, or had someone call on her behalf, five separate times. Because we were so impressed by this level of determination, we saved those messages.

Message 1
"Hi, Mary. This is Mark Robertson calling from Diane Sawyer's office. Diane would really like to talk to you. Please call me back at xxx-xxx-xxxx, and I'll connect you."

Message 2
"Mary, it's Mark Robertson again from Diane Sawyer's office. Hope you don't mind, but I gave your number to Diane. She really wants to talk to you and just see how you're doing with everything. You can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Talk to you soon."

Message 3
"Mary Cheney. This is Diane Sawyer. I've known your parents for years and can't imagine everything you and your family are going through right now, but would love to talk to you and see how you're holding up.Hope you saw the piece I did on Ellen. Please call me — xxx-xxx-xxxx."

Message 4
"Mary, hi, this is pesky Mark Robertson again in Diane Sawyer's office. I'm so sorry to bug you but was watching the Today show this morning and they sort of put all of this into play by saying, you know, Dick Cheney's openly gay daughter, which we all cheered for, but I just wanted you to know if you ever want to see the piece Diane did on Ellen or the thing she won a GLAAD award for this year on Billy Bean the professional baseball player who had to deal with this publicly, I'd love to send them to you, and Diane was wanting to talk to you. I think she called and left you a message and she's at home today and I wanted to leave you her home phone number, which is xxx-xxx-xxxx. I know she just wants to say hello and somebody else, Ellen, has asked me for your phone number 'cause she's friends of mine and Diane's and she's heard about this and just wanted to wish you well I think, so if it's OK just if you'd call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx, I'll give her that number and if not, I won't. So thanks so much. Bye."

Message 5
"Well hello, Mary, this is someone you don't know. It's Ellen De- Generes and I just spoke with Mark, Diane Sawyer's producer, and they tell me you're going through a lot of stuff, so I thought I'd call and see if I can be of any help at all. Just support, I guess, and so call me if you'd like to. It's xxx-xxx-xxxx and we'll talk, all right? Bye."

The only person I was tempted to call back was Ellen DeGeneres. I was a fan, and I appreciated her willingness to call a perfect stranger to offer her support, but mostly I was curious to find out what stuff Mark Robertson had told her I was going through. As far as I was concerned, my only problem was that the media wouldn't stop calling...

You can read the entire excerpt from Chapter One HERE.

You can order the book at In the comments section at Amazon, the liberals are already trashing it. Of course, they haven't actually READ it. They all just "know" what it says, without reading it. It saves them a lot of time - and completly wastes the time of everyone else who's actually interested in what it says.

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