Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tammy Interviews Dr. Wafa Sultan

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Vik at The Big Picture was there and took some handwritten notes on what was said (not expected to be verbatim), here is an excerpt:

Dr. Wafa Sultan: I have lost hope for Islam and I think it is the duty of all free speakers to help in the effort to enlighten the Muslims.

...Islam should not be considered a religion, but a political ideology that applies its policy violently.

...Sometimes when I talk to American friends, I get so upset that they don't know anything. A friend [...] said, Islam is a religion of peace. The President of the United States said, Islam is a religion of peace. Do you read anything about Islam? Do you know anything about Islam? When I heard that I just wanted to close my eyes.

...Islam shouldn't be classified as a religion because as a Muslim you have to believe in Islam as a religion and as a state.

...As long as you are allowing the Koran to be read in your schools, you are in grave danger.

...You should force Imams to answer your questions publicly about Islam. Just have them open their book and read it. Many Muslims are embarrassed because the world is starting to ask questions about Islam, and the Muslims know they don't have good answers.

...Muslims at my house say, "wait a few years -- we will replace the U.S. constitution with sharia law, here in the U.S." They are working for that. They don't say it to your face, but they are working for that.

...The Internet is the beginning of the end of Islam. It is the beginning.

...You would be surprised if you knew how many people in Syria believe what I believe. Using fake names, and behind the scenes, they are supporting me. Because you are risking your life and the life of your family. Everyone is looking to the free world to get them out of their prison...

There is more of course, you can see the rest HERE.

This was Dr. Sultan's first English-language speech to an American audience. She delivered some prepared remarks, was interviewed by Tammy, then took some questions from the audience. I would love to see a video of the event, or read a transcript. Hopefully something like that will be forthcoming.

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