Thursday, January 04, 2007

America and the Rules It's Founded On

Too many Americans today seem to think that our goal as a nation should be to create a socialist paradise. In their reach for that goal, they are all too willing to disregard the rules this nation was founded on, rules that control the power of government and limit it's ability to dominate and control us; that prevent our government from treating us as subjects rather than citizens.

Walter Williams has a short article about these rules we are disregarding, "America's rules no longer in effect". An excerpt:

Not that many complimentary things are said about politicians. When a problem arises, people say, "Government ought to do something." They seem to have forgotten that it's the politicians who are running the government. Many think things can be changed by electing different politicians, but I ask: Given the incentives politicians face, why should we expect one politician to differ significantly from another? We should focus less on personalities and more on rules.

The kind of rules we should have are the kind that we'd make if our worst enemy were in charge. My mother created a mini-version of such a rule. Sometimes she would ask either me or my sister to evenly divide the last piece of cake or pie to share between us. More times than not, an argument ensued about the fairness of the division. Those arguments ended with Mom's rule: Whoever cuts the cake lets the other take the first piece. As if by magic or divine intervention, fairness emerged and arguments ended. No matter who did the cutting, there was an even division.

By creating and enforcing neutral rules, we minimize conflict. [...]

Walter demonstrates the wisdom of the rules the founder's of our nation made to avoid strife and unproductive arguing... and shows us what happens when we disregard those rules. It's a short article, and worth reading the whole thing.

When the Democrats lost the presidential election in 2004, the news was filled with reports of dissatisfied Leftists, threatening to move to more "progressive" countries like Canada, France and Cuba. The Media even offered us stories about people who had already done just that.

Now Democrats have assumed control of the House and Senate. I don't hear any Republican's threatening to leave the country. You never do. Why? That's easy... WHERE WOULD THEY GO?

What we have here is unique. If you believe in America and the principles it was founded on, there isn't some utopia you can escape to if it all goes wrong. If you believe in the Constitution of the United States, you believe it's worth defending and PRESERVING. It's not something to be just thrown away like yesterday's trash; an inconvenience to be overcome, so we can pursue a socialist fantasy. Speaking of which, you may want to check out Neal Boortz today, who gives us some insight as to what we can expect from the Democrat controlled 110th Congress:

Here we go folks, the 110th Congress - Democrat controlled - convenes today at noon. The Democrats have one primary goal, to increase American's dependency on government. It's all about power. The Democrats had it --- for four decades. For forty years they controlled the congressional agenda. Then they lost it. From the very moment the election results for the 1994 midterm elections were posted Democrats vowed to themselves that they would one day return to power .. and when they did they would immediately move to make sure they never lost that power again.

Just watch. It's transparent. Observe the first 100 days. So much of what the Democrats will do will be designed to increase the dependency of one class of Americans or another on the government. [...]

Their plans to abolish the secret ballot vote for unions is chilling. I've been subjected to that kind of coercion before, and the secret ballot was my only defence. And that's only one issue... Neal gives a pretty good summary of what we can expect.

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