Friday, January 19, 2007

Obama Mania Burn Out

I've got it; I'm already burned out on the hype. Enough already.

From Cal Thomas: Barack Obama: American Idol
That Sen. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. chose the day of "American Idol's" season premiere to launch his presidential exploratory committee is nicely symbolic.

Part of the attraction and seductiveness of Sen. Obama - perhaps the main attraction - is that he is mostly a blank slate on which others can write what they choose. Now that he's announced formation of an exploratory committee to help him decide whether he should run for president (is there any doubt?), the moving fingers will begin writing soon enough.

Much of what Obama says resonates with many people, including me. [...]

Cal does manage to cut through the hype and ask some important questions, ones that Obama needs to address eventually.

The way the media is gushing over Obama, anyone would think there are no other candidates in the Democratic Party. How long will this hype last? When will the MSM stop trying to decide for us who we need to focus on?

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I find this weird... and disturbing for someone who wants to be President.

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