Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The President's SOTU Address

I can't blog much now, as I'm busy pulling stuff together for our accountant. But here are some interesting an informative links about the SOTU address:

From LMC:
President Bush Addresses the Nation
Little Miss Chatterbox gives us a great summary of the event, with some excerpts of some of the high points. Plus links to other blogs covering this subject.

From Neal Boortz:
I could nit-pick on parts of the President's speech, but I think I'll let Neal do it for me. It's short and to the point. He also has some interesting comments on THE DEMOCRATIC RESPONSE. It's right on target.

Democrat Jim Webb, in his rebuttal, complained about how corporate CEO's make 400 times the money regular workers do. Thomas Sowell has a very good article on that subject, "The Fallacy of Greed", that explains why this is so, and why there is nothing "unfair" about it. Don't miss it!

Maynard at the Tammy Bruce blog has a gripe about State of the Union Rebuttal. He looks at when and why it came into being as a regular feature in the media in it's present form.

I thought on the whole the President's speech was pretty good, considering he has a Democrat majority to deal with. It wasn't perfect, and I don't agree with everything that was said, but under these circumstances Republican's are going to have to make compromises; they are in no position not too, if they wish to get anything done.

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