Friday, January 26, 2007

Moneydance; a cross-platform accounting program for Windows, Macintosh and Linux

Moneydance: The way Quicken used to be.

I've used Quicken for years. I'm currently using version 2001. I haven't upgraded, because 1.) I don't even use most of the programs features, and 2.) Each new version seems more obnoxious and pushy than the last. Customer reviews for the newer versions express a lot of dissatisfaction, so I haven't been eager to upgrade. In fact, I've been looking for other options. One interesting option I've discovered is a program called Moneydance.

It's a simple checkbook program that offers the basic funtions that Quicken does, as well as some advanced features as on-line banking. What it doesn't have is the pressure to upgrade every year or the aggressive upselling of more advanced features or extra services. It reminds me of the way Quicken USED to be.

Another interesting aspect of Moneydance is availibility on multiple computer operating systems. You can buy versions for Windows, Macintosh or Linux, so if you ever move to a different operating system, you can continue using Money Dance. The retail price is about $30.00.

If you need a double entry bookeeping programe like Quickbooks, for generating invoices and such, then Moneydance probably won't cut it for you at this time. But if you are looking for a simple way to manage your personal finances, or you have a small business that deals mostly with cash transactions, Moneydance might be right for you.

You can actually download the program for a free trial, with the option to purchase if you like it. If you think it might fulfill your needs, it's worth a try.

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