Friday, January 12, 2007

Nokia Star Trek Linux Tablet Thingie

Star Trek meets Linux on Nokia 770 LCARS PADD

This little Nokia tablet computer has been modified with a Star Trek Next Generation Theme, with graphics and sound effects from that show. It's kind of funny, because it seems to fit so well; it's almost like a device you would see them using on the TV show.

As a kid, I thought it would be neat to have some of the devices they used on Star Trek. Slowly, it seems like we are getting them. The Nokia tablet connects to the internet, and a new model has just been released. The future is here! ;-)

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More about the Star Trek theme for the Nokia 770

The newest model Nokia Linux Tablet just released

As had been anticipated, the N800 bears a high resemblance to its older sibling, the 770. Key changes include: addition of a VGA-resolution web cam; microphone moved to a more phone-friendly position; two full-size SD card slots, instead of a single RS-MMC slot; built-in stereo speakers, instead of a single speaker; scroll rocker for web page scrolling; redesigned top-mounted buttons and 5-way cursor pad; built-in stand; and a few mechanical tweaks. [...]

Visit the link for more photos specs and information.

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