Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush's Speech and Troop Increases

It was a good speech by President Bush last night. Little Miss Chatterbox gives us an excellent summary here:

Bush Combats the Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots

She has excerpts of some of the best parts. She also rightly points out:

[...] I know I shouldn't be surprised but I can't believe what doomsayers the Democrats and the Drive By Media are being about this new approach. As Rudy Guiliani said if Bush had come up with a different strategy the Democrats would be whining that we need more troops. It saddens me that there is so much venom for the President that the Democrats can't even cheer for their own country. They aren't even giving this plan a chance. They denounced it before the speech was even given. The Democrats and the Drive By Media are truly "summer soldiers" and "sunshine patriots".[...]

Yes, if Bush walked on water, the press would complain he couldn't swim. Thank goodness we didn't have these folks around in WWII.

Other folks around the world DO have a clue about what we are up against, and are fighting back. We need to give them our support.

The Democrats continually underestimate our enemies, weaken our security and undermine our foreign policy. Too many of them are concerned soley with domestic issues, to the point where they are oblivious to dangers that threaten us.

I don't think all the Democrats are that oblivious; hopefully we can get some bi-partisan cooperation by the grown-ups in both parties to tackle these issues head on, before they overwhelm us. The steps outlined in the President's speech can work, if we support them and stop encouraging the enemy, whose favorite and most effective weapon seems to be our own MSM.

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Neal Boortz on Bush's Speech As always, he gets to the point.

And Debra Saunders reminds us just how things could get worse, if we cut and run now:
Waiting for Bush to save the day
The most naive sentence in the English language is: It couldn't get any worse. That's an argument many who have protested the war give for getting out of Iraq -- that nothing could be worse than 3,000 U.S. troops killed as the Iraq insurgency has grown stronger.

There is something worse: Some 3,000 U.S. troops dead, followed by the collapse of the Iraqi government, thousands of Sunni Arabs dead, Iraqis who worked with the coalition forces assassinated and their families butchered, and thousands more refugees swarming across the Middle East. Something worse would be 3,000-plus troops dead after a defeat that has emboldened jihadists, who want to kill Americans, and have become convinced that if they do, the United States won't fight back -- not for long, anyway.

The worst of it is: Defeat in Iraq is assured, if that's what Americans choose. Yes, the Bush administration has made horrible mistakes -- start with too few troops -- that have cost American lives. It also can be said, however, that the antiwar movement has stoked the insurgency by showing that civilian and military casualties could lead to troop withdrawal -- and that has increased the coalition's death toll and made it harder for the coalition to succeed. [...]

(bold emphasis mine) We can't just walk away. If we do, we shall pay more dearly for it than we will by fighting it through till the end. It's time to end the half-hearted efforts, and do what needs to be done.

And last but not least, this from Tammy Bruce:

Sack of sh*t Al-Sadr

Al-Sadr's Mahdi Army Gets Ultimatum
Excellent news. We are indeed moving right ahead. I noted on Tammy Radio today, and in posts here, the one true sign that the new Iraq approach is serious and will work is when Muqtada al-Sadr, Iran's primary Death Squad agent in Iraq, is dispatched and the Death Squad itself, is eliminated. The Mahdi Army will not voluntarily disarm, btw, opening the door to its annihilation. How we actually handle this situation is the key move. It is why the military is saying we will know "within months" if the new strategy (i.e., killing the enemy) will work, primarily because they expect al-Sadr to be gone. [...]

(bold emphasis mine) This should have been done long ago. Better late than never.


Dionne said...

Thanks for the shout out. I love the journalism cartoon.

I checked out your link to the townhall cartoons and what a gold mine of good cartoons. I didn't know about it before so I appreciate you letting me know. Thanks!!

Chas said...

I knew you would appreciate the town hall link. It's updated daily, and with so many artists contributing, it's like your one-stop shop for great comics.