Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Funnies 01/28/07

The Main Stream Media is wielding so much power these days, they are almost like a fourth branch in our government... but unelected, of course.

No one was suprised about Hillary:

Comparison's have been made with Margaret Thatcher, but please...

She could hardly fill Maggie's shoes. The only thing they have in common is being female.

Hillary brings a lot of baggage with her (including Bill), but that won't necessarily stop her. People vote the way they do for lots of reasons. She's a lawyer, and clever in many ways; smarter than John Kerry. The worse thing the Republican's could do is under-estimate her.

There was a funny video on YouTube of a satire done by SNL, of an interview of Hillary on "Hardball" with Christopher Matthews. I see it's been pulled; I couldn't find a copy anywhere on YouTube. But there is still a working copy of it somewhere, I found a site with a functioning YouTube link HERE. I suppose it's a matter of time before they purge this copy, too.

Why was this video pulled off-line? YouTube is full of clips from SNL (in fact, there is a rather funny one about Nancy Pelosi HERE), so it wasn't a copyright issue. Did the Clinton's find it so threatening that they had it removed? Did Democrats complain? SNL makes fun of both parties, I don't see why any clips had to be removed.

I find such resolutions disgusting in the extreme. It's just posturing, that encourages the enemy with renewed resolve to kill our soldiers. I've come to expect that from many Democrats, but any Republican signing onto such a resolution should pay a price for it. If you are a Republican, consider signing The NRSC Pledge. I have, and I also emailed our Republican Senator here in Oregon, Gordon Smith.

You can read Cox & Forkum's commentary and links on the controversy HERE.

Jimmy Carter, in drag. Doesn't he look a lot like...

See Here


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